The history of that famous team of Millionaires nicknamed the blue ballet
Overview of the La Liga table and top scorers for the past season
Champions and the closest following in the Portuguese league this Season
Winners, surprises, and losers in Bundesliga this season
Learn more about this summers big football event
Winners and key events this season
We list the top 10 goalkeepers who have scored the most goals
The top five leagues where most money can be found
Clubs with great history that are now a shadow of their great past
See how these two gambling avenues are becoming intertwined
Gigi Meroni, the tragedy of the Farfalla Granata
About the career and achievements of Southampton legend Matt Le Tissier.
We compile the best football club owners and the successes of their management
6 May 2024
About the five most underrated signings made by Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United.
3 May 2024
Most frequent winners of the South American tournament, equivalent to the European UEFA Champions League
30 April 2024
Mario Balotelli became an iconic player at Manchester City for all the wrong reasons
26 April 2024
Why slots also catch football fans interest
24 April 2024
Kevin Keegan decided to leave England and signed for Hamburg in Germany, achieving a lot of success.
23 April 2024
This is how it is done
19 April 2024
How the Austrian team became German champions
18 April 2024
About some notable Brazilians who have played in Argentine football
14 April 2024
An insight into Ronaldo's three-year stint at Juventus and how it panned out for everybody involved.
11 April 2024
Read about the successful Turkish club
10 April 2024
Italian football legend Gianluca Vialli's career and achievements
8 April 2024
A brief review of the best Golden Boy winners since its creation, highlighting why they are being given this consideration.
2 April 2024
Looking back at Edinson Cavani's time at Napoli
29 March 2024
In the dazzling world of casinos, high rollers, also known as 'whales', occupy a special place
27 March 2024
The favourites to win the league and the hottest candidates to become top scorer
27 March 2024
About the career of the Portugal football legend Paulo Futre
22 March 2024
The Sampdoria side of the late 80s and early 90s was a team that was a serious threat to any rival both in Italy and Europe.
13 March 2024
Three of the most adored goal scorers in EPL history
7 March 2024
About his career and achievements at Inter Milan through the years
7 March 2024
Looking back at the career of Roque Santa Cruz and the different ups and downs he went through.
3 March 2024
About Oliver Kahn and some of his biggest achievements
29 February 2024
All about this popular form of football betting
28 February 2024
We list the favourites to win, and the main contenders
24 February 2024
How online betting is changing the football world
19 February 2024
A review of the lesser-known side of one of the most curious characters on the world football scene, Kazu Miura.
19 February 2024
An extremely exclusive list that lists the top scorers in the history of the FIFA World Cups.
16 February 2024
Checkered road to title for the home team
12 February 2024
Luis Suárez might not have won a lot of trophies at Anfield, but he surely had a memorable stint there
9 February 2024
About the career of one of the best strikers of his generation
5 February 2024
About the career, obstacles, and achievements of Fernando Redondo over the years
1 February 2024
Looking back at Roy Keane's short stint with Celtic in Scotland and how it went.
29 January 2024
5 favourites to win the UCL 2024
28 January 2024
Looking back at the career of Chilean midfielder David Pizarro and all the different highlights he went through.
24 January 2024
Myths and revelations about the slots
22 January 2024
How Cesarini and Peucelle created the base for Total Football with River Plate
21 January 2024
The legendary Celtic Glasgow side that won the European Cup in the 60s
16 January 2024
Eight players who have the greatest chance to score the most goals
12 January 2024
About the season Juan Román Riquelme spent in Barcelona
11 January 2024
Who are the top scorers in the smaller European leagues?
9 January 2024
Remembering all the negative things the Glazers did at Manchester United
6 January 2024
If you've ever thought of combining your interest in football with spinning the reels, you're in for a treat.
5 January 2024
The life and career of possibly the best Scottish player in history, Kenny Dalglish notwithstanding.
4 January 2024
It is a new year and we take a look at the standings and the top scorers so far
2 January 2024
An insight into Lionel Messi's two year at PSG and what went wrong for all parties involved.
29 December 2023
Looking back at the career of Landon Donovan and his impact in the world of football in the United States
27 December 2023
The tactics of a little-known coach who turned a great team in a bad moment into one of the best teams in history
22 December 2023
Leeds are still very much in the running to return to Premier League
20 December 2023
The top scorers so far and the conditions for the round of 16 in UCL 2023/2024
18 December 2023
About the history of Ferguson's Aberdeen and how he led that small club to European success
15 December 2023
If Kane returns to the EPL he can still be the best scorer in history
14 December 2023
How Tenerife was in charge of "deciding" the champion of the Spanish leagues played in 1992 and 1993.
12 December 2023
Málaga at the beginning of the 2010s left neutral fans with very good feelings and here we review its history.
9 December 2023
Five games with interesting odds this weekend
8 December 2023
All you need to know for a better strategy
7 December 2023
About the career and legacy of John Barnes, one of Liverpool's legends from the late 80s.
6 December 2023
5 countries where people love betting on football
6 December 2023
A review of the career of one of the best coaches in football history
5 December 2023
Most interesting types of bets for most people
5 December 2023
About the four seasons that Uruguayan striker Diego Forlán spent at Manchester United.
2 December 2023
Well into the EPL season of 2023/2024, which players are still in the running to become the top scorer of the league
1 December 2023
Five players that have proven their value in the English second tier league
29 November 2023
Five games with great odds to bet on this evening and tomorrow
28 November 2023
Some nice odds with a reasonable probability for interesting football matches this weekend
24 November 2023
About the expansion of the iconic Liverpool FC stadium and the impact it has
22 November 2023
Top goal scorers, the upcoming playoffs, and the teams that have already secured their spots in the Euro 2024
22 November 2023
Star players strengthens the interest for American soccer
20 November 2023
About the Argentinian Carlos Bianchi's career, both as a player and manager
16 November 2023
The vital role of football academies in nurturing young talents
15 November 2023
Five players that Moratti signed that should have gotten more credit
12 November 2023
About Ronaldo's time in the World Cups, highlighting the key moments of each of them.
9 November 2023
All about the Spanish midfielder Xavi Hernandez top performances in Barca
4 November 2023
Comprehensive guide that will take you through the ins and outs of this fascinating niche
3 November 2023
About Mauricio Pochettino accomplishments in Tottenham, his mistakes and the aftermath of it all
31 October 2023
In this article we make a brief review of what was the rise and fall of Parma during the 90s and early 2000s.
27 October 2023
The reason this beautiful sport is attracting so many people all over the world
26 October 2023
Listing 5 greatest players in Manchester City's history
23 October 2023
Some matches with higher odds worth betting on
21 October 2023
Five likely EPL top scorers candidates this season
20 October 2023
About the career of Portuguese winger Ricardo Quaresma and the many ups and downs he went through.
19 October 2023
The Invincibles era of Arsenal and how Wenger revolutionized a team that had a completely opposite mentality to his.
17 October 2023
The list of 100 names has been whittled down to 25 - with a clear favorite to win
14 October 2023
About the five most underrated players coached and developed by Louis van Gaal during his coaching years.
13 October 2023
A list of the coaches who have won the most trophies, reviewing different periods of football.
11 October 2023
Benefits of international betting sites and considerations to be made when betting on football
10 October 2023
Who is this player who breaks Robert Lewandowski's record?
10 October 2023
Read about how you can combine your love for football with slots
9 October 2023
Elevate your football fan experience with our comprehensive guide to football betting.
7 October 2023
Six hot promising strikers from Nigeria
6 October 2023
About the years he spent coaching the small Dutch club AZ Alkmaar and led them to great success.
4 October 2023
Read more about parlay betting in football
3 October 2023
A retrospective one of the nineties' best footballers, Jari Litmanen, mostly known for his time at Dutch giants Ajax.
2 October 2023
How to create your own well thought through strategy when betting on football
2 October 2023
2 midfielders and 3 defenders that deserves more credit for their stints at Chelsea.
29 September 2023
Five remarkable matches with ridiculously many goals
28 September 2023
Remembering the legendary feud between legendary manager Marcello Lippi and Italian star Roberto Baggio.
27 September 2023
Discover why soccer dominates the sports betting scene.
26 September 2023
The career of one of the most symbolic players of South American football.
25 September 2023
About the five best performances by English midfielder Paul Scholes during his Manchester United years.
20 September 2023
What is the 1xBet affiliate program and why should you join it?
19 September 2023
The 10 players with the greatest chance of becoming the top scorer in the UCL this season
18 September 2023
7 records witin football that are hard to beat
17 September 2023
The 10 clubs in the EPL that are currently owned by Americans
16 September 2023
6 top leagues where to place your bets
15 September 2023
Five players that made a difference in AC Milan during this time
12 September 2023
It's not just ice hockey that is popular in Canada, football (soccer) is rapidly growing in interest
9 September 2023
About the year that AS Monaco reached the Champions League final
5 September 2023
We list the six hottest candidates to title themselves top scorer in Holland in the 2023/2024 season.
1 September 2023
Casino and football in combination
28 August 2023
About the career of Jack Wilshere, most famous for his years in Arsenal
28 August 2023
The art of betting on expected match goals
24 August 2023
About Nakata's impact in the world of Japanese football
21 August 2023
10 players who can win the top scorer title this season
17 August 2023
10 hottest candidates to become top scorer in Italian Serie A
16 August 2023
Interesting games that will fulfil your football interest between matches
15 August 2023
We list all the new foreign signings and the conditions ahead of the season
11 August 2023
Explore the world of tactics and strategies in football esports
10 August 2023
All the hottest candidates to win the Pichichi Trophy 2023/2024
10 August 2023
12 hottest candidates to win the top scorer title in EPL 2023/2024
8 August 2023
Five players with the greatest chance of becoming top scorer in Scotland
3 August 2023
The once upon a time hobby for a few that is constantly growing in popularity
2 August 2023
About the five best Manchester United players in the seventies and eighties.
31 July 2023
5 candidates who can be the top scorer in the Belgian top tier league 2023/2024
27 July 2023
A player of a higher category who was part of a great generation in Real Madrid
26 July 2023
Where do you have your best chances of winning?
24 July 2023
Things to consider while betting on big football events
24 July 2023
About Borussia Dortmund's historic 1996/97 season and how it came to be.
21 July 2023
Some of the most controversial winners with the context that leads to thinking about using these qualifiers for said players.
20 July 2023
About the exciting new technology
19 July 2023
Some of the best EPL matches through the years
18 July 2023
A retrospective of one of the best players of the nineties, Robert Prosinecki, and the many events that shaped his career.
14 July 2023
A brief summary of the history and some important events of the Scottish derby.
11 July 2023
About different online platforms for sports betting
10 July 2023
Memorable goals scored by the Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
6 July 2023
Super-strikers in 5 European top leagues
5 July 2023
About the career of the Argentinian midfielder and the reasons he never lived up to the expectations that people had with him.
4 July 2023
About the five most underrated signings made by Arsène Wenger at Arsenal.
30 June 2023
The many different factors that led to him being a disappointment at Chelsea.
26 June 2023
About the five best PSG players before the Qatari takeover.
24 June 2023
About the career of Glenn Strömberg and what he meant to Atalanta and Swedish football.
23 June 2023
The Brentford striker shines a light on the gambling issue within football of today
21 June 2023
The career of Italian forward Antonio Di Natale and what it meant as a legacy for the one-club man.
21 June 2023
Some important things to thinks about when betting on football
20 June 2023
About time Antonio Conte coached Juventus and the different events that led to the club winning the Serie A title after many years.
20 June 2023
Improve your chances of winning when betting
19 June 2023
We go through 11 leagues outside of "the big four"
18 June 2023
About the five best Chelsea players before Abramovich's arrival.
16 June 2023
Two champions from England and one from Spain - and five top scorer title winners
11 June 2023
The title to Napoli, with the league's top scorer in the team
9 June 2023
Barcelona won La Liga with ease, as well as the Pichichi Trophy
6 June 2023
About the Didier Drogba’s years before signing for Chelsea in 2004
3 June 2023
Football betting information for NC residents
2 June 2023
A season with few goals and in the end an expected champion
1 June 2023
Review of the last round as well as the season's peaks and flops both among clubs and the top scorers
30 May 2023
The benefits of using a phone to place your bets
30 May 2023
Looking back at the career of, arguably, the most promising South American talent of the mid-2000s and what went wrong in his career.
29 May 2023
About the AS Roma team coached by the legendary Italian manager Fabio Capello.
27 May 2023
The formerly great Belgian club is back at the top again
26 May 2023
A full team of fantastic football players that never got to win the UCL title
26 May 2023
List of super strikers that never had the honour to win the EPL
26 May 2023
The second part of the historical top goalscorers in football and presents the exclusive top 5
25 May 2023
How to gather information to make you more likely to win when betting
24 May 2023
We are listing the players 6 to 10 on the list of the best goalscorers ever
24 May 2023
3 Milan top performing scorers in recent years
24 May 2023
About the situations that led Alfredo Di Stefano to sign for Real Madrid instead of FC Barcelona.
23 May 2023
All about betting and credit score, and its relation
23 May 2023
Brief summary of what was one of the most shocking cases in recent football history and its impact on football.
21 May 2023
One of the best German players of all time, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is an institution in Bayern Munich
19 May 2023
About the career of Mexican defender Rafael Márquez, how underrated he was, his accomplishments and a lot more.
17 May 2023
Why football is the most poplar sport to bet on
17 May 2023
The career of promising French midfielder Yoann Gourcuff and where things went wrong for him
15 May 2023
Why the sport football is so popular there
12 May 2023
These players would benefit from making a move to another club
10 May 2023
Time for the semi-finals in UCL, here you will find some betting tips
9 May 2023
Players that are far more known to football fans now compared to when the season started
9 May 2023
Things to avoid thinking about when betting
9 May 2023
What is actually wrong wiht Chelsea these days?
8 May 2023
The young Swede is already a great success in his new club
5 May 2023
A brief summary of Ronaldo's season at Barcelona and how it marked the course of his career.
5 May 2023
About Newcastle United team coached by English football legend Kevin Keegan in the mid-90s, also known as The Entertainers.
30 April 2023
The Danish young striker is on the radar of many top clubs right now
29 April 2023
The Norwegian super striker is about to break yet another record
28 April 2023
We have two highly interesting clashes in UCL to look forward to
26 April 2023
Transfers that should never have happened
26 April 2023
Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney club are promoted to League 2
25 April 2023
Top leagues with top betting opportunities
24 April 2023
Why this position is so important to fill for a football club
24 April 2023
About the reasons Roy Keane fell out with manager Sir Alex Ferguson and the final outcome of that situation.
20 April 2023
Who are the contenders to win Swedish top tier Allsvenskan 2023?
19 April 2023
Top six top scorers in the top tier of English football
19 April 2023
The two EPL clubs that have been closest to achieve this
18 April 2023
About the 1994 UEFA Champions League final and the implications that it had.
18 April 2023
About how Warrington Town FC might be promoted this season
15 April 2023
Clubs that are state-owned and what impact it has on football
14 April 2023
The time the Basque clubs, Athletic Club de Bilbao and Real Sociedad, dominated Spanish football
10 April 2023
About the 1993 Olympique Marseille team that won the Champions League and other trophies through illegal ways.
4 April 2023
About the best era of Deportivo La Coruña in the 1990s and early 2000s
31 March 2023
Read about the super talented Italian striker
30 March 2023
A review of the history of the most iconic club in US "soccer"
29 March 2023
How the casino business have influenced football in the US
28 March 2023
An introduction to the most important football academy in France and one of the most important in the world.
26 March 2023
Looking back on the career of one of the most promising youngsters of the mid-2000s in football and what went wrong in his career
23 March 2023
The biggest sport in the world in every aspect
22 March 2023
Read about what is required from you to become a nurse within sports
20 March 2023
Review of the Spanish football scene in 1996 that led to the birth of the Liga de las Estrellas.
17 March 2023
Looking back at the career of one of the best players of his generation and how everything went wrong for Gascoigne.
12 March 2023
About the French top striker, possibly the best Premier League player ever.
9 March 2023
About the outburst that Italian manager Giovanni Trapattoni had when coaching Bayern Munich
6 March 2023
About EPL and some of their top scorers throughout its history
2 March 2023
About the history of Gianni Rivera in football and what he meant for AC Milan.
2 March 2023
About the time Juan Sebastian Veron spent at Manchester United.
26 February 2023
Football clubs with the most titles in the world, making a brief review of what led them to achieve that status.
22 February 2023
The Gunners are back in the game for the EPL title
21 February 2023
Things to kill time with while waiting for exciting football matches
21 February 2023
About the origin of the curse of Béla Guttmann.
19 February 2023
Goals scored in his amazing career
16 February 2023
About the legendary Manchester United player Bryan Robson and his career at the club
16 February 2023
5 memorable player transfers that the football world has seen
13 February 2023
A brief summary of the clubs that do not use foreigners in world football.
11 February 2023
The masters of free-kicks in EPL history
11 February 2023
How Greece did the impossible in the 2004 Euros
11 February 2023
How these two subjects relates
10 February 2023
The benefits of doing your gambling online
9 February 2023
About Florentino Pérez's first term at the helm of Real Madrid and how he ran the club for almost 6 years
9 February 2023
Harry Kane have proven his importance ones again
8 February 2023
The follow-up of the article on the main "traitors" in the history of football with some quite striking or curious cases.
8 February 2023
How do the different transfer windows differ?
6 February 2023
The most notorious cases of players who "betrayed" their teams in the world of football
6 February 2023
About the season where Ronaldo Nazario played at Barcelona.
31 January 2023
A new manager have arrived at Everton
31 January 2023
We talk about what happened for the English to decide to create the Premier League.
30 January 2023
The teams doing in EPL best compared to bookmakers expectations
30 January 2023
Football matches that will be remembered for eternity
28 January 2023
Which are the players that got more credit than they deserved?
26 January 2023
One of the football worlds new superstar
25 January 2023
About the career and achievements of Hugo Sánchez
17 January 2023
About the career of Brazilian starlet Denilson.
11 January 2023
About the career of Jay Jay Okocha and what his playing style represented to old school football fans.
6 January 2023
League football is back after the World Cup, read about status in the biggest leagues
6 January 2023
What you need to know about betting on football goals
5 January 2023
About the performance of the Argentina national team in the 2002 World Cup.
3 January 2023
About the most disappointing teams in World Cup history.
28 December 2022
Looking back at one of the most infamous moments in World Cup history.
23 December 2022
Learn how to keep a healthy bankroll?
21 December 2022
About this market in the coming year of 2023
21 December 2022
About the performances of the Mexican national team in the World Cup throughout the years.
21 December 2022
How much money in football is coming from the gambling sector
20 December 2022
Overview of the WC final and the Golden Boot
19 December 2022
All you need to know about betting on the top goal scorer
19 December 2022
About the matches and the standings in the Golden Boot battle
16 December 2022
About the best moments of the African nations in World Cup history.
16 December 2022
How were the quarter finals and what is the standings in fight for the Golden Boot right now?
11 December 2022
Brief summary of all the matches, and the Golden Boot battle
7 December 2022
Brief overview of the teams and tips of the winners and the Golden Boot winner
3 December 2022
About foreign coaches with the longest time in a club in "modern football".
1 December 2022
About football clubs that have disappeared and have returned under another name to continue existing.
29 November 2022
The gambling situation in Norway
29 November 2022
Seven Nigerian football players in the World Cup 2022
28 November 2022
The candidates in England to become the teams best scorer in Qatar
25 November 2022
The career of Adriano - the Brazilian that could have been one of the best strikers in the world
22 November 2022
Six strikers who can surprisingly win the top scorer title
18 November 2022
How to manage your studies while still playing football
18 November 2022
The story of Arsenal's greatest season ever
17 November 2022
Comparison of the two giants World Cup records
17 November 2022
Top scorers and other stars we will miss in this World Cup
13 November 2022
Scottish Premiership playres connection to poker
12 November 2022
One of the best goalkeepers ever - the gentleman Gianluigi Buffon
12 November 2022
Betting on soccer is ever so popular
11 November 2022
Some great football players that loves gambling
11 November 2022
What does the continuation of the cups look like and who are the hottest scorers
10 November 2022
The story about the Italian defender Fabio Grosso
5 November 2022
The leagues with most attention worldwide
3 November 2022
The Polish super striker that can't stop scoring
2 November 2022
One of the biggest and most famous Brazilian football clubs
31 October 2022
Listing some of the top candidates
30 October 2022
How Mourinho formed Chelsea during his time there
22 October 2022
Read about the greatest African football player of all time
14 October 2022
Read about "Big Sam" - one the most controversial football coaches
10 October 2022
The young Norwegian is about to conquer the world
5 October 2022
Anyone who is interested in football knows this guy, read his history here
4 October 2022
How do you take care of it?
30 September 2022
Who has started the 2022/2023 season the best?
30 September 2022
Rememberable matches between the two giants in Glasgow
29 September 2022
Focusing on the World Cup winning sides, reviewing their time in the competition.
29 September 2022
Here are some football betting tips that everyone should know.
27 September 2022
Aabout the PSG academy and how wasted it has been in terms of giving priority to the signings of world football stars.
25 September 2022
An early prediction of players that have the best chance to become the World Cup 2022 top scorer
20 September 2022
The article contains the list of the most expensive coaches in the history of football and a brief summary of what led them to those clubs and how they performed.
20 September 2022
This article takes us to know a little about the Red Star that won the European Cup in 1991.
13 September 2022
6 main candidates to win the top scorer title as well as 6 main contenders
5 September 2022
The most important transfers on Deadline Day
2 September 2022
About the particular events in Bayer Leverkusen's history that led to nicknames like "Bayer Neverkusen".
1 September 2022
This is an article summarizing Nottingham Forest's historical era of success.
24 August 2022
The guide to follow if you want to place football bets
19 August 2022
The reasons why Zlatan never was a success in the Spanish giant
17 August 2022
We rank 12 favourites to become top scorer plus one dark horse
9 August 2022
The favourites and contenders for the 2022/2023 season
7 August 2022
12 players with good chances to win the Golden Boot in the German top league
2 August 2022
We list 3 favourites, 3 of the main contenders and 6 other strikers who might win
30 July 2022
3 players that was lived out to their expectations, 3 that didn't
25 July 2022
8 hot candidates to become top scorers in the Belgian league in the 2022/2023 season
22 July 2022
We list the candidates to win the top scorer title in Austria
21 July 2022
What did Milito mean for Inter's super season 2009/2010?
19 July 2022
Which are the candidates for the top scorer title in Switzerland?
16 July 2022
The reason Henry never was successful in Italy
12 July 2022
The German that dominated the midfield
6 July 2022
Soccer is growing the US
4 July 2022
Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Greece and more countries top leagues
22 June 2022
One of the hottest strikers in the world is also hot on the transfer market
13 June 2022
Is Frenkie De Jong the man to lift Manchester United to its former status?
11 June 2022
Some of the hottest contenders for the World Cup Golden Boot 2022
7 June 2022
Quick review of the champions and the top scoers in the French league
3 June 2022
The finals and top scorer winners in the Champions League, Europa League and the new Europa Conference League
1 June 2022
The champions, the teams playing in Serie B next season and the top scorers
27 May 2022
Real Madrid dominating the 2021/2022 season
26 May 2022
The battle for the league title and the top scorer title in the final round
25 May 2022
Some American sport bets that are not football (soccer) to consider
18 May 2022
The Bundesliga, Eredivisie and Primiera Liga, among others, ended the passed weekend
16 May 2022
The Argentinian superstar Lionel Messi
11 May 2022
Read about the most famous Argentinian football club
2 May 2022
Another record beaten by CR7
27 April 2022
Where should you look to place your bets?
27 April 2022
The current contenders for the EPL top scorer title
22 April 2022
Read more about the oldest football tournament in world, first played in 1871
18 April 2022
Stuff to consider when you want to bet on football
14 April 2022
Read about the five biggest ones out there
13 April 2022
Where you should place your bets online
8 April 2022
The development of this island nations football shirts
5 April 2022
Today the Allsvenskan 2022 starts and we tip the top scorer
2 April 2022
We go through the conditions for who will be the top scorers
30 March 2022
A short biography of one of the best football players ever
27 March 2022
Which shirt sponsorship have paid off the best?
15 March 2022
The best shirts seen in football
15 March 2022
Read about what the financial doping is doing to the football of today
14 March 2022
Brittish football shirts through the years
12 March 2022
Horrible shirts seen in the Premier League through the years
11 March 2022
Read about the American soccer league MLS
8 March 2022
We take a look at what's coming
1 March 2022
Read about the youngest football league in the world
22 February 2022
Tips what betting app to choose if you want to bet online
17 February 2022
Games with winners that chocked, including two Real Madrid losses
15 February 2022
Tottenham and Englands top scorer the recent years, in numbers
14 February 2022
Five matches with unreal results
11 February 2022
Congratulations to the champions Senegal and Vincent Aboubakar for the top scorer victory!
7 February 2022
Read about the elegant Spanish and Real Madrid living legend
31 January 2022
Read about a football club owner that is actually loved by the fans
27 January 2022
We list and tip the interesting matches this weekend
21 January 2022
Out most interesting bets that might make you a bit of extra cash
20 January 2022
A peak at the standings in the top scorer lists in the other European leagues
12 January 2022
We sum up the standings in the top scorer tables at half time
3 January 2022
Read about top scorers in the Spanish La Liga
28 December 2021
The top scorer candidates what it looks like like right now
23 December 2021
The most interesting players in the EFL Championship
22 December 2021
Substitute players in EPL that always made a difference for their team
9 December 2021
Greatest wins (and biggest losses) in the history of national team football
6 December 2021
Most goals in one match in the professional world of football
6 December 2021
Andriy Shevchenko's success as coach for Ukraine in Euro 2020
23 November 2021
The top scorers in the last six days' European internationals
17 November 2021
Some managers deserve more appreciation than they get - here are our three favorites
11 November 2021
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