Are football themed slot games popular?

Football is one of the most popular sports there is, with almost five billion people considered to be fans around the world. Africa, the Middle East and Latin America have the largest audiences for football and fans often feel very passionate about supporting their national team, teams local to them and professional players from their region.

Fans of football have more than their passion for the sport in common, they often share other hobbies and interests, such as gaming. Research suggests that around 83 percent of football fans use a smartphone while watching television, many of them are playing web-based or app games while waiting for a match or during the game's half time break.

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In order to cater towards this sizable market, online games developers have created content targeted to them. For example, there are a variety of football themed slot games on online casino sites to play. And, it isn't just football themed slot games that fans of the sport enjoy, other titles such as Big Bass Bonanza available at Virgin Games are also well loved by this audience.

But why are football themed slots in particular popular online?

Ease of play

Online casino sites host a variety of games and some are more complex than others. For instance, poker and blackjack are two games that can require some practice and strategy development in order to do well at. By contrast, slots are a relatively simple game that is easy to understand.

You do not need to spend significant time researching the rules and learning different techniques or terminology. Rather, slot games can be found and played instantly and have small minimum betting limits, which is helpful for beginner casino gamers.

The player experience

What imagery and sound do you associate with the game football? Probably objects such as a ball, whistle, football boots, a green grass pitch, player's shirts, and perhaps a goal post too. You hear the sounds of a cheering crowd, chanting and a referee's whistle blowing.

All these visual and audio references are included in football themed slot games. This could be through the symbols on the reels, background imagery, sound effects when certain actions are made or through a backing track.

For a football fan, these help to create the same feelings of excitement they feel when watching a match. They help to create a really immersive gaming experience for the player.

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Lots of options

Furthermore, online slots and casino sites often have huge game libraries with an impressive number of games. Amongst these you are likely to find football themed titles and other games that are going to appeal to sports enthusiasts.

This means that if you get bored playing one game, it won't take much searching to find another to try out. Due to the competitiveness of the gaming industry, many sites also offer great promotions and bonus offers to entice new players to sign up for an account.

Here are just a few of the top football themed slots:

Football Star

The popular slot developer Microgaming has released the Football Star slot, a game that has a five reel layout and 243 paylines. There are some great features in this title, including the Striking wild and the Rolling reels.

Football Star has extra appeal due to it having a high Return to Player percentage.

Football Carnival

Slot developer Playtech has created a truly exciting and colourful football themed slot. Football Carnival is all about the brilliant and lively carnivals you can find in Brazil and celebrates football through samba dancing and stadium themed symbols on the slot reels.

Big payouts can be won with the stacking wilds and there is a free spins feature too. The Return to Player rating exceeds 90 percent, which is a fairly good RTP to have.


Another football slot from Microgaming is Shoot!, which is inspired by a football magazine of the same name. This game has more of a vibrant retro feel to it and gets players to select their own football cards with the Trade 'em bonus feature.

Top Trumps Football Legends

Playtech has come up with a slot game that honours some of the very best players in the sport. Top Trumps Football Legends features big names like Maradona and Pelé through its slot symbols. There are exciting bonus rounds and a high RTP rating.

Yes, football themed slot games are popular online - particularly with fans of the sport. Due to their simplicity, football-themed features and great variety, these slots are considered to be great fun by a large audience of players. Therefore, we can expect game developers to continue releasing lots more of these slot games with a football twist.
Kano Kluckfors speaks Thai but now lives in Stockholm, Sweden. Kano knows most things about the sport of football and likes to write about it. The number one team is Arsenal, a passion founded during the years he lived in London.