Privacy policy

You are never asked to provide any kind of information about yourself (such as name, email or phone number) on our website, meaning we never save any data of you in any type of data storage unit.

Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small text file with information sent from a web server to your browser which is then stored on your computer, phone or whatever other device you are using. We use cookies for three reasons: (1) for our site to function optimally, (2) to collect statistics about our visitors to improve our services, (3) to be able to control content and ads.

Cookies from our partners

All our partners who use cookies (so-called traditional party cookies) are selected partners and secure providers of ads and services. Data collected from them can be used to control ads that match your profile.

How do I handle cookies?

You can both delete and deactivate cookies in your browser. How this is done is different per browser and device. The easist way to find out how you do this for your device and browser is to google for it.

For more inspiring reading about how advertisers can target personal ads to you, we recommend If you have a passion for cookies, you can read more about them here