The biggest wins in La Liga history

The Spanish top league La Liga, of many to be considered the best league in the world, are and have been dominated mainly by 2 clubs, the world-famous Real Madrid and Barcelona. These two clubs have had a gala time dominating the rest of the La Liga teams, but recently Atlético Madrid have started challenging the dominant clubs. Therefore, the following is a short list of the biggest victories within the League, which surprisingly contains a huge loss for Barcelona (many years ago though).
Here are some of the most incredible results in the records of the biggest victories (and of course biggest losses) in the history of the La Liga:

Real Madrid 11-2 Elche (1960)

As we already know, Real Madrid has mainly dominated the League and it is a fact that has happened since historical times, and especially during the late 50s and early 60s. True football fans knows how powerful Real Madrid was with the presence of Francisco Gento and Ferenc Puskas. Real Madrid scored a glorious score of 11 goals against Elche, which had no response to the offensive strengths of the winning team. The top scorers of the winning team were Pepillo who scored 5 goals and Puskas who scored 4 goals destroying Elche.

Real Madrid 10-2 Rayo Vallecano (2015)

In the year of 2015, Real Madrid coach Rafa Benítez was feeling the pressure after having suffered 3 defeats in the last 5 La Liga games. In this game Rayo Vallecano was winning with 2-1 at Bernabéu, but a moment later the midfielder Tito was sent off with a red card and the game turned into a nightmare for them. Gareth Bale rushed to equalize with a header and Vallecano was left with 9 men after Raúl Baena sentenced a penalty that was quickly scored by Cristiano Ronaldo. Bale went on to score 3 more goals and Karim Benzema scored a history-making hat-trick leading Real Madrid to score 10 goals for the first time in more than 50 years. Quite a feat.

Sevilla 11-1 Barcelona (1940)

Little is said about this, but the dominant Barcelona team lost to Sevilla by 11 goals to 1. Sevilla achieved this exceptional result in the 1940-1941 La Liga season. Barcelona took the lead in the first 10 minutes only to be destroyed later by the series of goals resulting from Sevilla's fierce attack, which precisely began in the 23rd minute. Their eleventh goal was scored in the 83rd minute, ending the match with great style.

These are just a few of the La Liga games that went down in history as the biggest victories, and losses for the poor defeated teams.