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Top scorers from Real Madrid and players with high positions in scoring tables. Here you find the most succesful scorers in Real Madrid in leagues and tournaments through the years.

All Real Madrid players in top scorer lists

Season 2021/2022

Player, League Age Position Goals Winner/leader
Karim Benzema
34 1 17  
21 2 12  
Sébastien Haller
34 6 5  

* Current ongoing season

Note that this is top scorer data we have in our database. There may be other leagues and tournaments Real Madrid has players in which we do not present here.

Real Madrid information

The Whites, The Meringues, The Vikings, The White House
Carlo Ancelotti
Arena capacity
Current league
La Liga
6 March 1902
Source: Wikipedia

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Other players from Real Madrid

20 players in our database have played for Real Madrid and have been part of a top scorer list during a season, but have not been among the top scorers at the end of the season.