The best football leagues in the World

There are a huge number of football leagues around the world (or soccer league if you are an American), and many of them are getting massive attention, especially the European leagues. But which are the leagues that are consistently doing the best nationally and internationally? Which are the leagues that feature the best football players and clubs in the world while creating a stir among football fans, generating television audience and interesting gamblers?

Here is a list of the best leagues in the World as of today, the leagues all young promising football players dreams to play in:

1. Premier League, England

You cannot start a list of the best football leagues in the world without first mentioning the English Premier League. This league started in 1992. It is by most football fans considered, if not the best, at least by far the most interesting league in the world at this time. Its reach is massive due to its wide range of match streaming that spans around 212 countries, implying that a potential 4.7 billion people would have access to watch these games around the world. Some of the top scorers in the league includes Tottenham's Harry Kane, Manchester City's Argentinian striker Sergio Agüero, Arsenal's Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and of course the best African player of today, Liverpool's Egyptian Mohamed Salah, just to name a few world class players in Premier League today.

2. La Liga, Spain

La Liga is the Spanish highest national football league that prides itself on hosting some of the best and most popular football clubs in the world, including of course Real Madrid and Barcelona, but also Atlético Madrid and six times UEFA Europa League champions Sevilla. The league was founded back in 1929 and is today made up of 20 teams. Clubs in La Liga have won the FIFA Club World Cup 7 times and the UEFA Champions League 18 times.

3. Bundesliga

Bundesliga was ranked the fourth best football league in Europe by UEFA in 2019. This is the German national football league that is famous and popular for its tough style, positive and attractive football and true hardcore fans. Bundesliga started in 1962 and 56 different clubs have been playing there since. The league has one of the highest average scoring rates in the world and the clubs are quite successful in the European tournaments as well, especially the biggest club of them all in Bundesliga, Bayern Munich.

4. Serie A

Serie A is the top Italian national football league that was established in 1898. In the European tournaments the Italian clubs had some great success in the 80's and 90's but has lost a bit of its star quality the last ten years especially. However, much attention has been paid to this league since Cristiano Ronaldo joined Juventus. Media attention has increased and Cristiano's debut match with Juventus had 2.3 million people tuning in in Italy to watch him play.

Other attractive leagues

There are many more great football leagues that also would appear on a slightly longer list, such as Primeira Liga in Portugal and the French Ligue 1 (with todays super club Paris Saint-Germain), but they do however not fully reach up to the standard of the big four leagues above.

When it comes to leagues attracting big players, we could of course also mention Chinese Super League which attracts big players because of their huge salaries, and possibly American/Canadian MLS which attracts big players when they reach an age when it is time to finish off their careers.