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Top scorer winners from Liverpool and players with high positions in top scorer lists. Here you find the most succesful scorers in Liverpool in Premier League, Champions League and Europa League through the recent years.

All Liverpool players in top scorer lists

Liverpool top scorers season 2022/2023

Player, League Age Position Goals Winner/leader
Erling Braut Haaland
30 7
31 16
23 16
Erling Braut Haaland
30 2
23 9

* Current ongoing season

Note that this is top scorer data we have in our database. There may be other leagues and tournaments Liverpool has players in which we do not present here.

Hat tricks by players from Liverpool

In total we have 52 hat tricks scored by players from the club Liverpool between the dates 11 April 1990 and 12 October 2022.

Player Date Match Goals
Mohamed Salah 12 october 2022
Champions League 2022/2023
Rangers - Liverpool
75', 80', 81'

Liverpool information

Full name
Liverpool Football Club
The Reds
Jürgen Klopp
Arena name
Arena capacity
Current league
Premier League
3 June 1892
Source: Wikipedia

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Other players from Liverpool

21 players in our database have played for Liverpool and have been part of a top scorer list during a season, but have not been among the top scorers at the end of the season.