The best scorers in football in the world

Football (soccer for Americans) is the biggest sport in the world and has a large number of followers and its players appear to have a very broad fan base that is much larger than that of various sports combined. There is something about this sport that draws people in and unites them with different sides while wearing the jerseys of their beloved teams and players. Who is the best players is somewhat a subjective opinion of course, but most of the experts would agree on these 5 names as the best football players in the world at this moment. The biggest names are:

Lionel Messi, Argentina

This list must begin with the Argentinean "wonder kid" Lionel Messi. Sensational stats and seasons have become second nature and are part of Lionel Messi. Last season (2019/2020) he scored 25 goals, becoming the number one top scorer in La Liga, and that is even to be considered a rather average season for him. And this despite him missing the first 4 games of the season due to injury. Apart from being a fabulous goal scorer who scores amazing goals, Messi also delivers a massive number of assists as well. When talking about the best football players ever, Lionel Messi is certainly one of the players being mentioned. The fact that he has never won any big tournament with his national team might be the only reason why many experts won't give him the recognition of the best player ever.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal

As long as this man is around, he will always appear on list like this. Cristiano Ronaldo is now 35 years old, and yet his game and style contributes with about half of all the goals Juventus scored the previous season in Serie A, with him scoring 31 goals. The amazing thing about this man is also that he performs at his very best the stronger the competition is, having been that top scorer in Champions League 7 times says a lot. Apart from scoring an enormous amount of goals in his different clubs through the years, he has also scored more than 100 goals in his national team, an amazing number of goals in todays football. Ronaldo has sometimes been a bit in the shadows of Messi when talking about possible candidates for best players ever, but surely he should be a part of these discussions as well (maybe even ahead of Messi).

Robert Lewandowski, Poland

Bayern Munich's world class top scorer Robert Lewandowski is 31 years old now but have had his best season 2019/2020. For the fifth time he became the number one top scorer in Bundesliga, Germany scoring a staggering 34 goals. Possibly even more memorable though is him becoming the best scorer in Champions League scoring 15 goals in total, leading his Bayern Munich to become the Champions League champions of season 2019/2020. Despite being an amazing scorer, he is sometimes a bit overlooked when talking about the best scorers in the world, possibly because his goals often are not as spectacular as many other players in this list.

Neymar, Brazil

Neymar is one of the most bespoken players in the world, partly because of being the best player of the usually considered coolest and sexiest national team Brazil, but of course also because he at his best moment is one of the best players the world has right now. Being injured too often keeps him from being the number one top scorers in his leagues many seasons, but as soon as he has a more or less injure free season you can be sure he will be up there as the top scorer of the season.

Harry Kane, England

We did not want to end this list without having a player from the hottest league in the world, Premier League. Actually, maybe Premier League does not have those obvious super scorer names as mentioned here in this list, so the name to pick wasn't that obvious. We finally did choose England's number one scorer, Harry Kane. Harry Kane has been the best scorer in Premier League twice (seasons 2015/2016 and 2016/2017) and the main reason he has not been in the top the last seasons has a lot to do with injuries. And this is despite him playing in Tottenham, which is for sure a top club in Premier League, but not one of the real super clubs such as Liverpool and Manchester City. Apart from being a top scorer in the league, Kane have also scored 32 goals for his national team. This is a very impressive number of international goals at the age of 27, making him earn his spot on this list according to us.

Missing some players in this list? There surely are many more players who could be in this list, like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Mohamed Salah and Sergio Agüero just to mention a few, but we feel confident the players we selected for this list are the best top scorers in the world (at this moment of course...).