Top scorers Juventus, Italy

Top scorer winners from Juventus and players with high positions in top scorer lists. Here you find the most succesful scorers in Juventus in Serie A, Champions League and Europa League through the recent years.

Golden Boot winners from Juventus

League, Season Player Age Goals
Serie A 2020/2021
Cristiano Ronaldo 36 29
Serie A 2007/2008
Alessandro Del Piero 33 21
Serie A 2001/2002
David Trezeguet 24 24
Europa League 1999/2000
Darko Kovacevic 26 10

All Juventus players in top scorer lists

Juventus top scorers season 2022/2023

Player, League Age Position Goals Winner/leader
Victor Osimhen
23 5 8  
28 16 6  

* Current ongoing season

Note that this is top scorer data we have in our database. There may be other leagues and tournaments Juventus has players in which we do not present here.

Hat tricks by players from Juventus

In total we have 38 hat tricks scored by players from the club Juventus between the dates 18 November 1990 and 14 March 2021.

Player Date Match Goals
Cristiano Ronaldo 14 march 2021
Serie A 2020/2021
Cagliari - Juventus
10', 25', 32'

Juventus information

Full name
Juventus Football Club S.p.A.
Massimiliano Allegri
Arena name
Juventus Stadium
Arena capacity
Current league
Serie A
1 November 1897
Source: Wikipedia

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Other players from Juventus

24 players in our database have played for Juventus and have been part of a top scorer list during a season, but have not been among the top scorers at the end of the season.