Top 10 Football Shirts Ever

Would you like to know all about the best football shirts of all time? Herewith the help of in the UK, we have 10 examples that are just ideal and that have been known as perfection for a long period of time. Check these out and see if the shirt you like and you have been wearing as a fan is on the list. Odds are high that it will be on the list.

Top 10 Football Shirts Ever

Argentina 1986-1987

This is the shirt that Argentina football players wore when they won the cup in 1986. This is one of the reasons why the shirts are so popular and why these have been considered as some of the best and the most appealing in human history. There is nothing we would like to add here. These are simple and just right. These are probably some of the best-known football shirts of all time as well.

Milan 1988-1990

Red and black shirts Milan players wore are still i9conic and considered to be some of the best, the most beautiful, and the most appealing in the history of football. Add the fact that this club was extremely successful at the time they were used and you can get a clear idea of why these shirts are so special and why they are on the list. In addition, many people believe that these shirts are linked with trophies and winnings of the club and you would be partially true.

Netherland 1988

These shirts are not common. They were worn only on 5 matches in 1988 during European Championships and that's it. But, these are simply fantastic creations. They were cutting edge designs back then and they still look special. Even today these shirts look like special and one of a kind design creations. These are also important because, during the time they were in the use, Netherland got the major title as you may know.

England 1982

These shirts are special and they are considered as the best ones England had for quite some time. Even today many fans love these shirts and collect them, even with pass and future changes in shirts sponsorship. These are simple in design and have white, blue, and red colours only. But, they look stylish for the time and they made the players look spectacular.

Barcelona 1974-1975

Yellow shirts Barcelona players wore are special and one of a kind. We liked these shirts and you probably love these as well. They are far from ordinary and plain. All we can add is that these shirts have been a huge part of history and they are some of the first that were made using country's colours.

West Germany in 1988

These shirts were used in 1988 and all way up to 1991. The shirts were used when West Germany won the cup in 1990 hence you can imagine the potential and the overall appeal. The main thing to know here is that these shirts were cutting edge back then and they used country's colours. Adidas created the shirts and they were a massive success. Even today these shirts look special and great. The shirts inspired millions to try and do the same thing. Many have failed but some succeeded.

Celtic 1966-1967

They wore these shirts in 1967 when they won the European Cup. The shirts are spic and probably have the most unique and original design of all time. These are not something you can easily see all the time. These are special and there are no logos, frills, or anything that can distract you from the right colours.

Brazil 70s

Brazil is one of the best countries for football clubs and one where this sport is considered special. As such, it is not strange that their shirts are on the list. These were simple yellow and that's it. The shorts were blue by the way. But, these shirts were so popular that even today you can see them all across the globe. They are easy on the eye and they look like nothing else. The bottom line is simple. These are the shirts that will stick to the eye and stay there.

Juventus 1985-1986

V-neck and black and white stripes are all the things you need to know here. In the lack of a better word, Juventus shirts are one of a kind and something that has been impressive for years. Many Juventus fans are still looking for the same shirts to appear and to be worn again.

Newcastle 1995-1997

These are iconic shirts and some that are like no other. First of all, these are considered the best shirts in the Premier League of all time. These are timeless Adidas shirts and the ones you simply must like and adore. There have been a lot of similar designs to Newcastle over the years, but this one is special, period.

The Final Word

Now you know all about the best shirts in the fashion history of football. You probably have a few of these shirts or replicas at home and you probably like to wear them occasionally. They are that good. Almost all of these created a special thrill at their time and were linked to the massive successes of the teams.
Andrea Sugler has followed football his whole life and above all the Swedish national team. As Andrea lives in Stockholm, she sees most of the international matches on site, but has also been to most of the European Championships and World Cups in recent years when Sweden has participated, the first time already back in 1992 during the European Championship in Sweden. Andrea also likes to write about football and games, sometimes with successful results.