Zlatan Ibrahimovic's five best goals ever

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has retired from professional football at the age of 42 in recent days. He has been one of the most prominent and celebrated strikers of the 21st century, constantly delivering for all the teams he played for, and winning an enormous amount of trophies in the process. His personality, his natural talent, his capacity to deliver when it matters, and his charisma have made him one of the best players in recent decades.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic - here playing for Sweden
Therefore, it is not surprising to see a player of Zlatan's caliber has managed to score a lot of amazing goals. So, here are the five best goals Zlatan Ibrahimovic ever scored in his career.

5. Inter Milan vs. Bologna (2008/09 season)

Zlatan's time at Inter Milan has become a somewhat underrated period in his career, mostly due to his association with eternal rivals AC Milan in recent years. However, the Swedish striker had a lot of great moments with the blue and black of Milan, and one of them was that amazing goal against Bologna.

The 2008/09 season, under the guidance of manager Jose Mourinho, was Ibrahimovic's best season at Inter, scoring 29 goals in 47 matches. And while he scored many different goals and many of them were of great quality, this one was definitely among the best, scoring a phenomenal volley that had everyone amazed.

Ibrahimovic is an expert when it comes to scoring amazing goals and this one is amongst the best in his catalogue.

4. PSG vs. Bastia (2013/2014 season)

The Swedish striker's time at Paris Saint-Germain is always going to be a bit controversial. While he had a lot of great seasons for the club, scoring a staggering 156 goals in 180 games across four years, it has been often argued that his prime years were wasted there and could have done a lot more in other clubs.

Regardless, Zlatan did a lot for PSG during his time there, and one of the best goals, and one that is not often brought up, was his acrobatic opener in the 4-0 victory over Bastia in 2013. This was classic Zlatan, defeating the goalkeeper and the defender with a back heel.

While he has scored some outstanding goals during his career, this one in particular highlights how much of a technician he can be with the ball despite how tall he is, which has always been one of the most appealing elements of Zlatan as a player. A very underrated goal and one that deserves a lot more credit and recognition.

3. LA Galaxy vs. Toronto (2018)

When Zlatan Ibrahimovic left for LA Galaxy in January of 2018, the reality was that a lot of people considered him to be close to retirement. He just had recovered from a massive injury with Manchester United and was leaving Europe, so him signing for LA Galaxy, one of the biggest teams in the Major League Soccer in the United States, seemed like the end of everybody's favorite Swedish player.

However, Zlatan's time at LA Galaxy and a future return to AC Milan would prove that he still had much to say in the game. While he is often celebrated for his second stint at Milan, his two seasons in the United States need a bit more credit: he was a very consistent performer, scoring an amazing record of 53 goals in 58 matches, and overall delivered when it mattered for his team.

A lot of former world-class players have arrived in the MLS and failed to show their class, but Zlatan was arguably the best footballer the league ever had during his time there, which is saying a lot considering his age and how he was coming out of a very serious injury.

In that regard, his goal against Toronto in the 5-3 defeat of LA Galaxy, the 500th goal he scored in his entire career for club and country, proved to be another display of how much of a unique player he was. The acrobatic moment he does with his right foot while hitting the ball in the first touch was something remarkable.

Much like the goal against Bastia, this one showcases all of Zlatan's strengths and unique virtues as a player, which is why it should be on this list.

2. Ajax vs. NAC Breda (2004/05 season)

Zlatan had such a long career that his time with Ajax is often forgotten. Arriving there in the early 2000s, this was the club where Ibrahimovic started to make a name for himself, becoming one of the most prominent players of a generation that had the likes of Wesley Sneijder and Rafael van der Vaart, so it was a very special time for the Dutch giants.

On that front, while Zlatan would eventually leave this very season for Juventus, as this match took place in August while the transfer window was still open, he gave Ajax fans a parting gift: this goal against NAC Breda.

Ibrahimovic is often associated with acrobatic goals, showing his flexibility and capacity to deliver, which is why this goal always comes out as a surprise for a lot of people. This time Zlatan dribbles past a wide variety of players, showcasing his ability in tight spaces, and delivering a swift finish with his left foot.

One of the best goals in Eredivisie history and one of the best in Zlatan's career.

1. Sweden vs. England (2012)

This is quintessential Zlatan Ibrahimovic goal and the one he is most known for. Even though it was just a friendly, this performance as a whole could be the best in his career as he scored four goals to defeat England 4-2, which was a massive statement of his.

Leaving that aside, the third goal was the most spectacular as he scored 35-yard overhead kick, catching the goalkeeper's poor positioning in the process. It was the best goal of his career and deserves all the accolades and recognition it has gotten ever since because no one else has managed to do something like this.

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