5 Club Legends Who Should Consider Moving the Coming Transfer Window

Achieving greatness with a team and the love of the fans and the city makes it harder for players to move from clubs they call home.

Injuries, getting older, management change, not realizing their full potential, or seeking a new challenge to find renewed energy, focus, and purpose.

These could be some reasons why a change of scenery is needed for a player. Let's talk about club legends who still have the skills, fitness, and finesse to compete at the top but should look for a new club for their legacy.

Harry Kane - pointing out where his mother is sitting

Harry Kane, Tottenham

England's and Tottenham's leading goal scorer, Harry Kane is a legend for English football. In Tottenham, he found perfect partners in Son Heung-Min and coach Mauricio Pochettino where they were able to bring Tottenham out of mediocrity to compete with the giants in England and Europe.

With more European football and top 4 finishes in the league, they had made EPL more competitive than the usual 4 names that went for European Football year in and year out. Recently that proportion has been broken wide open as teams need to fight for the spot where Tottenham recently due to their top management issues have been lacking to make the right moves or bring positive changes in the team or management structure to carry forward the momentum they had built.

This is causing a lot of missed glorious competitive years of such a lovely striker. Someone who is a club and National team legend, a well-balanced player who knows how to finish and set up his teammates is just wasting his years in a demotivated team.

Many football fans and pundits believe that in a team like Real Madrid, Manchester United, or AC Milan, Kane could reach his true potential and may as well add a Ballon d'Or to his name.

Alex Sandro, Juventus

The story of Alex Sandro can be compared to Cafu; a great side back for AC Milan but due to his loyalty never left the club even when the club had no intentions of fighting for trophies. Alex Sandro is in a similar situation where Juventus do not look like they want to compete for top spots or reach the Champions League Final or Semi-Finals anymore.

Once an important player of a sensational Juventus side who won Serie A for 5 years straight and caused a stir in the Champions League is nowhere to be seen anymore. He has already made 300 appearances for the Biacconeri and is having a dead season with just 1 assist in his appearances across all competitions.

That really tells one that he is not motivated enough to bring out his best performance. Sandro definitely needs to turn to other top European clubs. Clubs fighting for Champions League spots or clubs struggling to keep up could be good destinations for this Juve legend.

Marco Verratti, Paris Saint-Germain

Marco Verratti, Paris Saint-Germain

A sensational name in the world of football, Marco Verratti has been the constant for PSG for many years. But the Euro winner has failed to find Champions League success at Paris. Phenomenal throughout the years, Verratti helped build PSG to what it is today.

Many great players came and left but Verratti stood tall in the middle of the park for PSG and won Ligue 8 times.

The quality of Verratti is unquestionable but his motivation to win can be. He has been nowhere near his best whereas players his stature and position turned out to become better with age. Maybe the key to their longevity was a change of scenery and dedicating their time and focus to a new project.

Could it be the same for Verratti?

Iñaki Williams, Athletic Bilbao

Iñaki Williams is a Ghanese forward with fiery legs, skills, and samba. He has been in his Spanish club Athletic Bilbao since 2014 and has completed more than 300 games with them.

Williams has played in consecutive 251 games for the team over several seasons. A record 2468 days without missing a match! He has not missed one game or has been left out for any reason. That tells you a lot about his fitness level and dedication to play football.

His style of play combined with consistency and pace make him absolutely dangerous. Just recently, he was recorded sprinting over 28 km/hr against Real Sociedad in La Liga. However, that hasn't translated on the scoring sheet.

Williams has scored just 8 times in his 27 appearances so far in La Liga. Still in his prime at only 28 years, this talent deserves a spot in a top-tier team that plays in the Champions League. He should look at this summer transfer window to find a new home where he can really stand out as one of the greats of the game in the coming years.

N'Golo Kanté, Chelsea

To wrap it up, we have an absolute legend who will go down in history as one of the best midfielders of all time. N'Golo Kanté came as an unknown player from the Ligue 1 team Caen and burst to the global stage with Leicester City, winning a euphoric League title.

Moving forward is what this sweet legend did at the time when he saw himself in the Chelsea outfit soon after this successful campaign. His impact was so great at Chelsea that people were in awe of his performances, becoming an instant legend after winning the title and Champions League.

It doesn't end here. He was a key part of the French side that won the World Cup in 2018. Kanté was phenomenal in that campaign. Kanté has been named Footballer of the Year in France, England, and Player of the Season at Chelsea for winning the league title.

In Chelsea, he outgrew his shy personality, expressing himself more on the pitch. However, the current climate at Chelsea with ownership and frequent management changes has hampered his spirit on top of the recent injury.

Lack of direction, recent knockout by Real Madrid again, and falling behind the Champions League spots in the league mean that Kanté should look for potential suitors if he wants to keep winning.
Peter Norman is from the green island of Ireland, loves football and Manchester United in particular, where also the great idol Roy Keane had his career. Peter is a trained journalist and likes to write articles and analyses of football.