Why Will Arsenal Not Make Any New Fans

Arsenal has lived off their Invincibles season for far too long. Not even once were they close to recreating their performance of the most successful season in Arsenal's history.

Arsenal was a club that showed a lot of promise and character with their new manager Arsene Wenger since his arrival in 1996. They were renowned for their stylish attacking play and had multiple leaders in the squad.


So What Went Wrong? Well, Everything!

Clubs usually upgrade their stadiums to get more attendance, increase their revenue, and lay off players to meet their finances.

Arsenal was in such a debt when Emirates Stadium was finished that they had to see their two most successful co-owners sell out the club to Kroenke in the midst of the 2008 crisis. Kroenke, a typical, disconnected businessman, could never love the club and only invested the money he had earned from the club.

Considering the new stadium's loan repayment, there was not much left. This continued for a few years and Arsene Wenger was forced into harnessing local and academy talents into his first team, which didn't yield the results he expected.

Although it was not Arsene Wenger's mistake in the first place, when the money was made available to him, he still would not spend as much as he should have.

Groundhog Day for Arsenal

Many years have passed and now Arsenal has appointed a young coach with an impressive CV to change their outlook and modernise themselves. A decision that can potentially backfire and earn a lot of hate from the already disheartened and furious fanbase, whatever is left of them.

Arsenal TV has been a source of entertainment for millions of football fans not even linked with Arsenal. It's purely for entertainment as angry Arsenal fans criticise their own club after witnessing a horror show in the stadium that cost them their worth and prestige as a club.

Liverpool was facing such a case with their fans who were literally subject to group bashing and turned into laughing stocks for supporting a club that would not think twice to trample on the fans dreams. This is what is happening with Arsenal.

The mental stress of being an Arsenal fan is no joke. If you still support this club, be ready to be bashed and slashed with heavy criticism and jokes on how bad they have become. The world has turned to be a cruel place for all Arsenal fans.

Not Making New Fans

Arsenal went from winning league titles to fighting for the champions league spot and now becoming a mid table club. No one is to blame but the club.

Had you started watching football 10 years ago, you would have still appreciated the caliber of players and the playing style of Arsenal which would have made you a fan. The same can't be said today.

The constant lack of seriousness and determination from the management has turned a great club into a mediocre team. They never seem to improve on their mistakes and bad performances which have affected them severely over the years.

The way Arsenal has been going it will take a long time or high-risk investments to turn this tide. But as it stands, the world economic situation is not in their favor even if they want to chase the dream once again.
Peter Norman is from the green island of Ireland, loves football and Manchester United in particular, where also the great idol Roy Keane had his career. Peter is a trained journalist and likes to write articles and analyses of football.