Anfield Under Construction: Your Guide for Ensuring Liverpool Matchday Access During the New Stand Build

As Liverpool FC embarks on the ambitious project of expanding Anfield, matchdays at this iconic stadium are set to evolve. While the construction of the new stand promises enhanced experiences in the future, it also brings temporary changes that fans need to navigate. This guide will help ensure your matchday access is seamless during this transitional period.

Anfield - Liverpool FC

Understanding the Anfield Expansion

The expansion of Anfield, primarily focused on building a new stand, is part of Liverpool FC's efforts to accommodate more fans and provide improved facilities. While this development is exciting, it inevitably leads to some logistical changes around the stadium. Staying informed about these changes is key to planning your visit.

Securing Matchday Tickets Amidst Changes

With construction potentially impacting seating availability, securing tickets might be more challenging. It's advisable to book your tickets well in advance.

Make sure that before you purchase Liverpool tickets, you take into account any stadium changes that are occurring because of the new stand development.

Planning Your Journey to Anfield

During construction, the usual routes and entrances to Anfield might be altered. Plan your journey in advance, considering possible changes in parking facilities and public transport routes. Utilise the club's official communication channels for updates on the best routes to take on match days.

Arriving Early to Navigate Construction

Arriving earlier than usual on matchdays can be beneficial. It gives you extra time to navigate any construction-related disruptions around the stadium. Early arrival also allows you to soak up the pre-match atmosphere, visit the club store, and find your seat without rushing.

Adjusting to Temporary Facilities

With construction underway, some of the usual facilities at Anfield may be temporarily relocated or limited.

This could include amenities like restrooms, food and beverage stands, and merchandise shops. Familiarise yourself with the location of these temporary facilities and plan accordingly.

Staying Informed Through Club Communications

Liverpool FC's official website, social media channels, and matchday announcements are your best sources for real-time information.

The club is likely to provide regular updates on construction progress, changes to stadium access, and other essential matchday information. Staying connected with these channels ensures you are always in the know.

Embracing the New Matchday Experience

Despite the construction, the spirit of Anfield remains. The legendary atmosphere, the singing of "You'll Never Walk Alone," and the passionate support for the Reds continue to make each matchday a unique experience. Embrace the temporary changes as part of the journey towards a bigger, better Anfield.


Attending a Liverpool match at Anfield during the new stand construction requires some extra planning and flexibility. By staying informed, arriving early, and embracing the temporary changes, you can ensure your matchday experience remains as thrilling as ever.

The expansion signifies a new era for Liverpool FC, and being part of this transitional phase adds a special chapter to any fan's matchday stories.
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