Top Scorers in Football and Casino: Who Takes the Top?

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Football has always been tightly connected with gambling. It is no wonder why so many fans of soccer also gamble on the side or try to maximize their experience with sports betting. The same can be easily said about some of the most popular football players in the world. The majority of them reach for betting sites due to their security, the element of anonymity, and high payouts. Suppose you want to see a little bit closer to one of your favorite players. In that case, this can be done quickly by trying out their favorite games, gambling at your nearest casino, or even online. This will not only guarantee your involvement in the industry but also bring you lots of entertainment and profit. Today will be ranking top scorers in football and seeing what types of gambling games they enjoy. We will mention such people as Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, and many others.

Taking names On and Off Pitch

If you are wondering why so many players are practically obsessed with gambling, we have several answers for you. First and foremost, everything has to do with anonymity or, on the contrary, PR. However, we will get to this point later. An important thing to realize is that not all football players are successful gamblers. Even though playing and gambling are two very similar activities, not everyone can succeed or stop when the time comes. The first advice for all the successful players we will give you will be to find a trustworthy platform to guarantee your payouts. People should trust online gambling websites as they can offer proper licensing, fair math, and guaranteed payouts. It will also help if you look for a platform with a high RTP, starting with 96%, as well as constant customer support. This will be your first step towards truly mastering gambling. Moreover, if you were wondering whether your favorite players prefer land-based or online casinos, we would say both. These venues serve completely distinct purposes. Everything will depend on the desires of the asset. Those who desire anonymity will reach for online casinos, while those who want to advertise or enjoy the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas will prefer land-based options.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The first on our list of successful players and gamblers is Cristiano Ronaldo. Even those who don't necessarily watch soccer know this particular player. At this point, we are convinced he can do anything and everything because gambling is not an exception. Cristiano Ronaldo, just like many other players, definitely enjoys poker. It is one of the most famous and expensive games out there. Obviously, he is one of the best scorers in soccer history. He might not have any record score in poker, but we should say that he didn't lose all of his money, like some of the other players did.


Neymar is easily another recognizable name; he's one of the top-ranked strikers of all time, with countless awards and wins in his book. Just a Christiano Ronaldo; he prefers poker. He didn't necessarily join any major leagues but participated in the European poker tour. Neymar usually plays with his friends and posts about these evenings on social media. You can definitely check them on his page.

Diego Maradona

This player, like our previous options, prefers poker over any other gambling game. He is practically a soccer legend, widely recognized by fans and amateurs alike. He's also a recognizable face in many popular land-based casinos. If he doesn't play poker on that night, he sticks around to enjoy several other card games. He is one of the only players who also enjoy a roulette table, American roulette in particular.

Wayne Rooney

We have two more players left on our list, and one of them is Wayne Rooney. This particular player is yet another legend on our list. However, we will use him more as a cautionary tale because a decade ago, he lost more than 60,000 pounds playing poker. It took him only two hours to lose a good percentage of his net worth. Clearly, he wasn't careful, running on adrenaline after one of his successful matches and getting unlucky in the process. He didn't stop during the first round and continued playing until he was all out of money. Even though now he doesn't have a gambling addiction or continues to actively play poker, he is still seen among different casinos, being more cautious than ever; the same can be said about his soccer career and his success.

Joey Barton

Joey Barton is last but not least on our list. Just like all other football players, he seems to reach for table games and poker. However, he also prefers Jack back because this particular game is more relaxing. Just like Wayne Rooney, Joey Barton has several issues with gambling. He even got into legal trouble because he enjoyed sports betting, especially football. Since everyone knows you can't bet on your team or even sometimes on the same sport, he got into trouble and eventually quit his football career. However, before that, he was successful.

Why Players Love Gambling

There are many reasons why a lot of players enjoy gambling. One of the major reasons is the PR and attention that usually comes with it. There are thousands of people watching, and many paparazzi will enjoy taking pictures of celebrities while gambling. Moreover, the world of casinos is also associated with gambling sponsorship and thus money. Even if successful football players get millions of dollars, they never say no to extra cash.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are multiple examples of football players enjoying their sport and gambling. Not all are equally successful, but those who exercise caution enjoy poker and similar card games. Some of them even bet on sports, but not on their teams. Otherwise, players might experience legal issues. Still, we recommend you try gambling just like your favorite football players but do so responsibly.
As a Finn and living in Vaasa, Ansku Suomi is somewhat of an unusual Finn who likes football more than ice hockey. She also likes to write articles about football and other topics around football. Arsenal and Juventus are her favorite teams that she has been following throughout her life.