Wrexham Promoted to Football League: What It Means for the Club

Wrexham AFC, owned by Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, has secured promotion to League Two, which marks their return to the Football League after being relegated in 2008. The club's 3-1 victory over Boreham Wood has mathematically guaranteed them the National League crown with a four-point lead over Notts County.

Ryan Reynolds - owner of the football club Wrexham
Ryan Reynolds - famous Hollywood star who is one of the owners of Wrexham

Promotion to League Two legitimises Wrexham as a fully professional club

The move to League Two is a significant milestone for Wrexham, as clubs below this level are considered "non-league clubs," mostly employing semi-professional players. Promotion to the Football League is the first step towards legitimising the club as a fully professional entity.

Financial implications of League Two promotion for Wrexham

In addition to prestige, the move also brings a significant financial windfall. League Two clubs will receive £1.1 million each, encompassing the league's television rights deal and solidarity payments from the Premier League, which is a massive increase from the £200,000 handout Wrexham received in the National League. Clubs will also receive a share of the subscription revenue from the EFL's streaming service, which pays out cuts to clubs equivalent to which team's supporters sign up.

From a logistical standpoint, Wrexham's move to League Two will enable them to participate in the EFL Cup and EFL Trophy. While non-league clubs can enter the FA Cup, they are not permitted to participate in either EFL competition.

Wrexham's distant Premier League ambitions

Wrexham's ultimate goal is to reach the Premier League, but that is a long-term dream that requires the club to earn promotion one season at a time. They will have to clear League Two, League One, and the Championship before reaching the top flight, with each division presenting new challenges and teams with increasing budgets to build competitive rosters.

With this promotion secured, Wrexham can now attract even stronger sponsorship deals. The high profile ownership, combined with the success on the pitch, means they are likely to be an attractive proposition for global brands with a presence in sports, such as Entain's PartyCasino with McLaren's F1 team.

Wrexham's promotion and Ryan Reynolds

Wrexham's promotion to the Football League is a massive achievement for the club, but it is also significant for Ryan Reynolds, who acquired the club with the goal of improving its fortunes. The Canadian actor and entrepreneur has taken an active role in promoting the club, with the Disney+ series, "Welcome to Wrexham," chronicling his journey in acquiring and running the club.

The series, which has been a massive hit, has brought global attention to the club and its ambition. Wrexham's promotion to the Football League is a testament to Reynolds' and McElhenney's commitment to the club and their vision for its future.

Wrexham's promotion to the Football League is a massive milestone for the club, marking their return to professional football after a long absence. The move brings both prestige and financial rewards, but it is just the first step towards their ultimate goal of reaching the Premier League. The club is poised to achieve greater success in the future, closely watched by their fans worldwide.
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