The History of New Zealand Football Shirts

The History of New Zealand Football Shirts
Here we are going to discuss the shirt design and style of New Zealand that has been used throughout history. We can see a lot of changes and variations and we would like to keep things slow. As such, we are going to reveal all major changes in the design that occurred in the history of the team. Without further ado, let's begin.

1982: The Origin

This is the first design or the first type of shirt that was used by the New Zealand football team. These were white while special shirts were grey in color. In 1991 the away shirt design was added. It was red with white elements which made it look one of a kind and truly special. Even today this is one of the most original shirt designs present in the world of football.

1998: Added Stripes

In 1998 the biggest change was present. The stripes were added. These were subtle stripes so there is not a huge change that you can see from a mile away. These are known as Adidas International and they had black stripes. The main design of the shirts remained the same so we can see white color dominating the shirt.

2010: Massive Change

In 2010 we can see a massive change and one that probably shaped the design to this date. The shirts were completely changed. You can see now that the home shirts are clear white in color while away shirts are black in color completely. The Nike logos are in opposite colors and they are used for both types of shirts.

In the history of the team, this change was the biggest one and the most impressive. It is still present and can be seen in one way or another today and there are great elements about it. Many fans like these colors and these shirts and we agree with them. The design is still iconic and considered as beautiful.

2012 The Switch

In 2012 we are able to see a massive switch and something that wasn't so common and something that happens rarely. This means that the home and away shirt colors were switched. The home shirts became black while away became white. The best gambling companies among football betting operators based in New Zealand liked the idea while others hated it. It depends on you and your individual preference to like or dislike the change here.

All we can add here is that the rest of the shirt design remained unchanged so there were no other things we can talk about here. The shirts are still modern in design and a similar one has been used ever since. Anyway, the shirts are a great example of how you can make something interesting and original with the smallest change possible.

The shirts here also added a bit of shape that made them look more appealing and more special. The time when the shirts were plain and simple is long gone and you can see this from any type you take a look at. This is also the time of football when most nations changed their shirts and made impressive variations and changes that are special in the lack of a better word.

In 2014 the shirt colors were replaced again. This put the colors back to normal as some fans claim. Other than this there were no major changes in this year and the shirts were basically the same, except the color.


In 2018 we saw the latest massive change. The shirts are better looking now and they come with a more elegant style and look. The away shirts come with small additions on the sleeves which make them even more modern and more appealing.

In 2020-2021 the shirts remained unchanged for home matches. But, the away shirts were completely changed. They are still black in color but they come with grey additions and white letters that were used before. However, there were no massive changes every single time and the NZ Football Association doesn't make changes every single year.

The away shirt here is probably one of the best-looking in the world and one that comes with no classic elements that you can see everywhere else. All we can add is that the shirts here are spectacular and we would like to see them being used as long as possible.

The next massive change occurred for the Olympic Games but the shirts are made for this purpose only. There are some differences and we can see that they are again black while away shirts are white. This is not the biggest and not the most important change you can see and there are not a lot of additional changes we would like to discuss. Anyway, the main element or the style of the shirts is still the same.

The Final Word

New Zealand has some of the best shirts among the World Cup teams and we can see that they were changed many times. We hope now you know all about these shirts.