These clubs are our favourites for winning the Champions League in 2024

Currently, the Champions League is still going on, but we are more and more seeing the shapes of which clubs will be close to victory this year. At this moment, Manchester City is in the lead and many experts say they have the best cards to win the competition this year. But nothing is sure until the last match has been played. This is why we also take a closer look to other soccer clubs who might win the competition.

Champions League flag

Top 5 favourites for the Champions League

It will not be a secret that our favourite soccer club that might win the Champions League of the season 2023-2024 is Manchester United. Currently, the soccer club is in the lead. But Bayern Munich from Germany is not far away and in the end the final of the Champions League might end it up in Spanish party if Real Madrid will win. We have checked the statistics and predict that these five clubs will end up in the semi-finals and finals.

Manchester City

Predicting the winner of the Champions League is never easy, but we think that Manchester City holds the best card for winning the competition this year. The club has won six out of six matches and dominated group G. Also, the club showed what is has in stock by winning the Club World Cup. The reason why we think Manchester City might win this competition, is also because of the strong defence, even though the club has made some mistakes this year.

Bayern Munich

Another club that we are predicting to end up in the finals, is Bayern Munich. The German club became a champion in own country and now is hunting for the Champions League cup. Bayern Munich is eyeing for the seventh European Cup and are more convincing in the groups than Manchester City. Despite not winning all matches, Bayern Munich shows solid statistics, so Manchester City should be prepared to play against the Germans in the finals. One of the players that comes to our mind immediately, is star player Harry Kane. Ever since joining from Tottenham, the player is on fire and eagerly wants one more piece of silverware this season.

Jude Bellingham, Real Madrid
Can Jude Bellingham bring Real Madrid to yet another UCL title?

Real Madrid

Will the Champions League end up in a Spanish party after all? Real Madrid is showing great statistics. Los Blancos won Group C easily, by winning each and every game. However, we are expecting that the Spaniards will end up on a third place. But we are not sure yet, as Real Madrid was able to win 14 titles before and also winning the Spanish Super Cup.


Arsenal impressed us by reaching a second-place finish in the league last year. This way, the club has also earned its way back into the Champions League. Arsenal won Group B and is moving on further in the competitions. The reason why we don't think Arsenal will win the competition this year, is due to recent slum and several shortcomings, especially when real pressure has been put on. This is the reason why we expect Arsenal to fall short in the semi-finals.

Paris Saint-Germain

In the Champions League, Paris Saint-Germain also has been a favourite, but this year the performance of the club is going up and down. In managed to survive Group F, but this pool was not easy for the Frenchmen. After a mixed start, the club under Luis Enrique struggled to win matches and the club showed to be one of the weakest teams in the top 5 this year. Also, PSG relies heavily on Kylian Mbappe, though it yet has to be seen if he will renew his contract after it expires this summer.

Using these predictions for soccer betting

With these predictions, you could use the information in favour to start a sports bet at the online casinos. It is not too late to start the bet, although the odds are becoming lower throughout the competition. If you bet at the underdog, like Bayern Munich or Arsenal, the odds are higher. Betting online is a fun way to make watching soccer matches in the Champions League much more exciting.
Already at the age of seven, Joe Britton started playing football but gave up his own career already at the age of 15. Even though Joe didn't become a great soccer player himself, his interest remains strong to this day, and he also likes to write about both soccer and topics related to the sport. Although he tries to stay as neutral as possible, he has strong feelings for Sheffield United, Sheffield is also the city he lives in today.