Football Stars as Casino Brand Ambassadors: How They're Changing the Face of Gambling Advertising

It's common for football stars to represent brands across various industries, and gambling is no exception. The aim is to promote the glamour and excitement of gambling, appealing to those that enjoy the sport. There is no doubt that this type of marketing is effective. It taps into the emotional attachment that many fans have to their favorite players. Furthermore, these contracts benefit athletes' earnings. In essence, it is a win-win situation.

But are these football stars really changing the advertising of gambling? What are the benefits and disadvantages of these sponsorships? What are the most famous footballers who have been casino ambassadors? Tune in to learn more about it!

Football match in play

What Are the Benefits of Athlete Sponsorship?

It's important to understand the appeal of using football stars as brand ambassadors. Millions of fans around the world watch football regularly. This makes it one of the most popular sports in the world. Online gambling companies enjoy many rewards through the endorsement of famous footballers. A marketing campaign such as this can be effective in attracting new customers. This is especially true for sports fans interested in trying out online gambling for the first time.

Furthermore, football stars can present low deposit casinos as glamorous and exciting places to gamble. Many people view playing on casino websites recommended by Wagering Advisors as a luxurious and high-stakes hobby. Casino brands can further contribute to this perception by using football stars in advertising.

It Can Also Have Some Negative Aspects

The use of football stars as casino brand ambassadors is also controversial. Viewers who have a negative outlook on gambling feel like their favorite sport is being exploited. While some sports fans may resent this, it has undeniably helped both gambling companies and football teams.

It's also worth pointing out that these complaints didn't fall on deaf ears. We have seen regulators, authorities, and even football teams respond. The advertising space for casinos and sportsbooks has significantly shrunk. It isn't banned fully like alcohol or cigarettes, but they aren't as common as before. Many teams no longer allow these sponsors on the jerseys, and they think twice before selling rights for football-themed slots. That being said, individual brand ambassador deals are often up to the athletes themselves.

Famous Brand Ambassadors for Gambling

Many famous football players have served as ambassadors for gambling companies. There are a few noteworthy examples that should be mentioned.
  • One notable example is the football player Cristiano Ronaldo, who has been a brand ambassador for PokerStars. He has appeared in several advertisements for the online poker platform. He has also participated in several special poker tournaments.
  • Another example is Michael Owen. He is a retired English football player who has been a brand ambassador for Maxim88, an online casino and sportsbook provider. Michael Owen has used his reputation as a professional football player to promote Maxim88. This helped bring in new customers as well as raise brand awareness.
  • Former Manchester United and England captain, Wayne Rooney, has also been a brand ambassador for a gambling company. His signing with 32Red has brought him many benefits. This is no surprise since it is one of the most popular real money online casinos and betting platforms.
  • Brazil's Flamengo team player David Luiz takes on the role of BC.GAME's official brand ambassador. He will work with BC.GAME as the brand ambassador of CryptoCasino. Additionally, Luiz will use social media and live streaming to promote the casino platform.
  • The world's largest companies still want Ronaldinho despite his legal troubles and controversy. In 2019, the betting house MozzartBet chose this footballer to star in their advertisement. YouTube blew up with thousands of copies of the original video shortly after it appeared.
  • The company SOCERBET has appointed Gabriel Omar Batistuta as its brand ambassador. A successful sportsbook operator has signed Gabriel Omar Batistuta in September 2022.

Many other players have served as brand ambassadors for gambling companies. In the coming years, it is likely that we will see more and more football players taking on these roles. Even more so as the gaming industry continues to grow and evolve.


Many top-notch gambling companies use football players' fame for promotion. Popular athletes can attract new customers since many view them as role models. They can also make gambling seem more exciting. Despite some criticism, this strategy is successful in promoting the gambling industry. As a result, using football stars as brand ambassadors will continue.
José Muñoz is Spanish and is a big soccer fan who loves to write about the sport in his heart. As he also likes to bet on football as well as poker and other online games, he also writes about these topics when he feels like it. José is a big supporter of Real Madrid and lives in Madrid so whenever he can he follows them on the ground at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium.