Euro 2021 is over - 2 players shared the top scorer title

The European Football Championship 2021, or European Championship 2020 as it is officially called, is now over and after a dramatic final Italy stood there as the winners. Congratulations to Italy, who also were consistently the best team in the tournament and thus, very worthy winners.

The top scorer title winners

Despite that Portugal was knocked out already in the round of 16 against Belgium, Cristiano Ronaldo became top scorer title winner, after scoring five goals already in the group stage. The Czech Patrik Schick also scored five goals in the tournament, but Ronaldo is the official winner thanks to more assists. In our eyes we see them as sharing the title though, it is after all all about scoring.

Behind the winners, four players scored 4 goals each: Harry Kane, Karim Benzema, Romelu Lukaku and Emil Forsberg.

Before the final, it was primarily England's Harry Kane but also Raheem Sterling (on 3 goals before the final) who had a practical chance to catch up with the leaders, but both players finished the match goalless. England's early goal by Luke Shaw caused England to play quite defensively for most of the final thereafter, not giving Kane and Sterling an honest chance to score.

Our tip before the start of the European Championships was that Cristiano Ronaldo would become the top scorer winner, and even if he got to share it with Schick we were still right, and it always feels good be right :-)