How To Use First Deposit Bonuses at Betting Sites?

The online betting industry is a competitive, unforgiving ecosystem where different sportsbooks which offer access to several football markets compete for players' attention. These platforms use bonus offers and promotions to attract users and show them they have the most innovative features. As a result, you're bound to find the first deposit bonus on multiple platforms. But how best can you use this promotion to elevate your online betting experience? We've prepared a comprehensive guide to show you everything you need to know.

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What is a First Deposit Bonus?

As its name implies, the first deposit bonus is a special offer to bettors by online betting platforms to welcome them to the website. As earlier emphasised, first deposit bonuses are among the most popular online betting promotions on almost every website. The first deposit bonus often rewards players with bonus money depending on the amount deposited, free bets, etc.

If you wish to enjoy a first deposit bonus, all you need to do is sign up on the website. To sign up, you must input your details and meet the platform's age requirement. Next, choose a preferred payment method and add money to your online betting account. You should be instantly rewarded with your first deposit bonus.

What Will You Gain From a First Deposit Bonus?

No doubt, a first deposit bonus can reward users with multiple benefits, which may differ considerably from one platform to another. Now, let's review potential first deposit bonus rewards. They include:
  • Deposit Match: The most popular first deposit bonus is a deposit match. This bonus means that the platform will match how much a user adds to the platform. If a bookmaker promises a 100% deposit match, it will reward you with $100 when you deposit $100. However, you must also pay attention to any wagering requirements associated with the deposit match. If you're a football fan, these requirements may affect the type of matches and odds you can bet on.
  • Risk-free Bets: If a casino rewards you with a risk-free bet, the platform will not charge you for failing a bet. This reward gives you the freedom to wager without the risk of losing your money.
  • Free Bets: Free bets are similar to risk-free bets. This bonus also allows you to wager on games without the risk of losing money. The free bet will be rewarded and added to your account balance. However, you cannot withdraw the amount. You can only withdraw the money you win with the free bet.
  • Boosted Odds: It's also possible to receive boosted odds as a first deposit bonus. The bookmaker will offer enhanced odds on certain games or popular markets. Enhanced odds allow new customers to win enough to keep wagering in the future and are popular on sportsbooks that allow you to bet on multiple football matches at once.

How to Use a First Deposit Bonus?

To use a first deposit bonus effectively, it's crucial to prepare a sound strategy. If you unthinkingly spend your first deposit bonus, it'll run out quickly without offering any real value for your money.

The first thing to do is understand the terms and conditions of the first deposit bonus. Specific betting platforms have strict regulations guiding online activities, while others are flexible. The terms and conditions will describe any wagering requirements. It will also highlight any restrictions on the bonus, including certain sporting events. Ensure to read and understand its details to avoid losing your bonus. It's not a bad idea to ask customer support to help interpret some details.

Never spend your entire first deposit bonus on a single bet. Instead, spread out the bonus over multiple wagers. For instance, don't bet only on a single football team. Instead you can bet on the favourites from the English Premier League, La Liga, etc You can also bet on round 16 of the 2023/24 UEL or Europa Conference League.

The final thing to pay attention to is the validity of the first deposit bonus. Yes, this reward won't last forever. So, it's best to know how long you have and plan according to that timeframe.

What Is the Common First Deposit Bonus Terminology?

Another effective way to fully leverage the benefits of a first deposit bonus is to study all the related details. Here's a list of first deposit bonus terminology to know before getting started:
  • First Deposit: This term describes the first amount that you deposit on the platform after completing your registration. Often, most platforms require a minimum first deposit to be eligible for the bonus. You'll find the minimum first deposit in the bonus terms and conditions.
  • Bonus Amount: The bonus amount you'll receive due to the bonus. You'd do well to note that the bonus amount is dependent on your first deposit.
  • Rollover: The rollover describes the wagering requirement of the first deposit bonus. If you've made a $10 deposit with a 25x wagering requirement, you'll need to stake bets worth $250 to withdraw your first deposit bonus.
  • Minimum Odds: This term describes the minimum odds for each event that'll count as wagering requirements. Most betting websites implement minimum odds to ensure players don't only bet on favourites to access their bonus. For instance, minimum odds may allow you to stake on the potential winner of the 2023/24 UEFA Champions League, while the wagering requirement may disqualify the highest goal scorer market.

How to Claim a First Deposit Bonus?

Different betting websites may offer various types of first deposit bonuses. However, the process of claiming this reward is relatively similar. Online betting platforms ensure players can easily activate their first deposit bonus to boost their user experience. While some websites automatically add the first deposit bonus to your betting account, others require manually activating these offers.

To claim a first deposit bonus, you'll need to be of legal age. Check your account balance after registration to see if the platform has credited your bonus. If you need to activate your first deposit bonus manually, visit the promotions page on the online betting website. Click on claim under the 'Welcome Bonus' tab, and the bonus amount will be added to your betting account. After the deposit bonus has been added to your betting account, complete all wagering requirements to access your funds.
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