The best scorers of the Euro 2024 qualification

Yesterday the last qualifying matches for the Euro 2024 in Germany were played, and the last team to qualify was Croatia as they secured the place after a 1-0 victory against Armenia, but there are still three teams that have a chance to qualify through playoffs via Nation League.

Here we will go through the Euro 2024 qualifiers' best scorers and notable hat-tricks during the qualifiers, and also take look at the upcoming playoffs and all the teams that qualified for the Euro 2024.

Romelu Lukaku - best goal scorer in the qualifiers
Romelu Lukaku - best goal scorer in the qualifiers

The best scorers of the qualifiers

First we will concentrate on the best scorers in the Euro 2024 qualifiers, all qualifications games played in 2023. Since it is only the qualifier stage and no tournament or league, there are "Golden Boot" winner in the traditional sense, but it is still interesting to see who the hottest scorers were.

Romelu Lukaku by far the best scorer

The qualifiers best scorer was the Belgian Romelu Lukaku who scored in a whopping 14 goals, and this in a group with only 5 teams which meant that he only played 8 games. He finished the qualifiers in the best way as he scored 4 goals in the last match against Azerbaijan in Belgium's 5-0 win. He also started the qualifiers great, with a hat-trick away to Sweden in Belgium's opening 3-0 win. Overall, Lukaku has now scored 83 goals for the Belgian national team.

The second-best goal scorer was Cristiano Ronaldo, who showed that he is far from finished as a reliable goal scorer in the national team. Ronaldo scored 10 goals in total; however, this was done in 10 matches since Portugal played in a qualifying group with 6 teams. He has now scored an unparalleled 128 national team goals.

Third most goals came from Kylian Mbappé who scored 9 goals in France's 8 games. He scored a hat-trick in France's incredible 14-0 win over Gibraltar in the penultimate round, and he also assisted to three goals in that match. He has now scored 46 national team goals, 10 goals behind Olivier Giroud who is France's best ever goalscorer at this point, but given that Mbappé is only 24 years old, it will not be many years before he is both caught up and passed Giroud.

Next, we find England's Harry Kane with 8 scored goals in 10 matches, and after him Denmark's Rasmus Højlund and Scotland's Scott McTominay with 7 goals each.

Hat-tricks in the Euro 2024 qualifiers

In addition to the aforementioned hat-tricks from Lukaku and Mbappé, there were 8 more hat-tricks scored from the same amount of different players:

Remaining playoff via Nations League

12 teams that failed to qualify still have the chance to qualify via the Nation League playoff. They are fighting for three spots, and these are the 12 teams that did best in the Nations League that are not yet qualified. There are three different playoff branches with four teams each with a "semi-final" and a "final". There are no home-away games here, all matches are direct knockout matches and these matches will be played on March 21 and 26, 2024. You can read everything about how this playoff works on UEFA's website.

The three playoff groups

These are the remaining teams that still have the chance to qualify for the Euro 2024 and the various playoff branches they play in. Who Finland, Ukraine and Iceland will meet will be drawn tomorrow, November 23.

Playoff A

  • Poland vs Estonia
  • Wales vs Finland, Ukraine or Iceland

Playoff B

  • Israel vs Ukraine or Iceland
  • Bosnia Herzegovina vs Finland or Ukraine

Playoff C

  • Georgia vs Luxembourg
  • Greece vs Kazakhstan

Euro 2024 flag

The teams that qualified and draw pots

All the teams below are the 21 teams that are qualified for the Euro 2024, as well as the four seeded draw pot groups. The draw takes place on December 2 and the Euro 2024 in Germany will be played between June 14 and July 14, 2024. Italy are the reigning champions.

Draw pot 1: Germany (qualified as host country) plus Belgium, England, France, Portugal and Spain

Draw pot 2: Albania, Denmark, Romania, Turkey, Hungary and Austria

Draw pot 3: Holland, Croatia, Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic

Draw pot 4: Italy, Switzerland, Serbia and the three winners from the playoffs

Worth noting is that Holland and Croatia are in draw pot 3 and Italy in draw pot 4. If Holland or Croatia end up in the same group as Italy, we will have a rarely seen "group of death" regardless of which teams end up in the same group from draw pot 1 and 2.
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