Top scorers in the European Championship after the round of 16

All rounds of 16 are now played and there are only eight teams left in the Euro 2021 (2020). Here we go through the standings and give our predictions for the continuation of the tournament.

Top of top scorers for Euro 2021

Our initial tips for the winner of the top scorer title , Cristiano Ronaldo, failed to score in the very tough match against Belgium and neither did any other player in Portugal so Thorgan Hazard's only goal of the match meant that Portugal is now out of the tournament.

Despite the loss for Portugal and the lack of goals, Ronaldo is still the leader of the top scorer race with his 5 scored goals. Three players have scored 4 goals but two of these are eliminated, Swedish Emil Forsberg and French Karim Benzema, who scored two goals against Switzerland but despite that France were kicked out on penalties. The third 4-goal scorer is Czech Patrik Schick. Very few believed that the Czech Republic would reach as far as the quarterfinals, but much thanks to Schick they are now there. In this context they meet the somewhat "modest" Denmark there, which means that we have to take Schick seriously as a candidate to win the top scorer title.

Those who are hanging in there close to the top

Behind the very top are five players with 3 goals each scored and three of these are still in the tournament and will play in the quarterfinals - the Swiss Haris Seferovic, the Englishman Raheem Sterling and Belgiums Romelu Lukaku. Seferovic scored two goals against France and Sterling one of the goals against Germany - Lukaku, however, was goalless against Portugal.

Another step behind we find 17 2-goal scorers but many of these have been eliminated from the tournament already. The most interesting names among these that are still in the tournament are primarily Spain's Álvaro Morata (one goal against Croatia and Italy's Ciro Immobile. And maybe we should also mention Denmark's Yussuf Poulsen and Ukraine's Andriy Yarmolenko, mostly because they are strikers.

So how will this end now?

Well, we think our tip from the beginning, Cristiano Ronaldo, after all still has the best chance of becoming the top scorer but not necessarily by himself.

Can Patrik Schick score again against Denmark? Absolutely not impossible, although we do think the Czech Republic have played their last match tomorrow.

Can Romelu Lukaku get any more balls in the net in the tournament? Probably he has not scored his last goal but Italy in the quarter and probably Spain in the semi final (if Belgium go through) are not easy teams to score against. If we also speculate that England will be the team they have to face in the final (if reaching that far), at Wembley in addition, we do not think he will manage to score three goals or more, that is required to pass Ronaldo.

Among other candidates, it takes a hat trick or some extensive scoring for a couple of matches for anyone to be a serious contender. This is not in any way impossible of course, but the further you go in the tournament, the more tougher matches and less risk-taking teams, and thus more difficult to score goals.

So we believe, and hope since we want to be right in our original tip :-), that Cristiano Ronaldo is the goal king in the European Championship 2021.