Top goalkeepers with the most goals in history

The goalkeeper position has been evolving over the years and especially in recent years where it has focused more on improving the game with the ball at the feet, the passing ability and integrating the goalkeeper into the creation dynamics and team ball possession.

Rogério Ceni
Rogério Ceni - the goalkeeper that by far have scored the most goals, here showing his managing style
Despite this, curiously, in the list of goalkeepers with the highest scorers in history, those from the 90s and 2000s stand out, where the position had a different role.

10. Hans-Jörg Butt (33 goals)

The German goalkeeper had an outstanding career in his country where he played for Hamburg, Bayer Leverkusen and Bayern Munich and even played 4 games with the Germany national team. He is the goalkeeper with the most goals in the UEFA Champions League (3), curiously, playing with three different teams although all against the same rival, Juventus. Butt scored his goals from penalties, a situation in which he was a specialist both in kicking and stopping them, stopping 20 of the 62 that were thrown at him.

9. Fabio Rampi (35 goals)

Rampi is the only goalkeeper on the list who is still active, developing most of his career between Serie C and D in Brazil with Cruzeiro and Sao Jose, both from Rio Grande do Sul. The Brazilian is characterized by an excellent hitting of the ball since, in addition to scoring penalty goals and free kicks, his ability to assist his teammates also stands out due to his ability to throw the ball with great precision.

8. Fernando Patterson (35 goals)

The Costa Rican goalkeeper had a long career that spanned from the late 80s and ended in 2013, passing through several clubs in his native country and Guatemala, where he had five spells in Xelaju. Patterson was always a very striking goalkeeper both because of his self-confidence and his hair, but mainly because of his ability to score goals from free kicks.

7. Marcio (40 goals)

Marcio played his entire career between the different professional divisions in Brazil, mainly with Atletico Goianense where he played more than 400 games and scored most of his goals. Following the style of Rogerio Ceni (who we will get to later in this list), Marcio stood out as a good penalty and free kick kicker. His time in the Brazilian Serie A, between 2010 and 2012, was marked by duels against Ceni where they scored mutual goals and 2011 stands out, where Marcio was the league's best goalkeeper scorer with three goals, surpassing Ceni who scored two.

6. Jorge Campos (41 goals)

Jorge Campos was a particular case among goalkeepers worldwide for many reasons. His style was similar to that of some current goalkeepers, playing a lot outside the box and with a huge tendency to play with the ball at his feet and make long transfers. Due to his short stature (1.68 m), he used to be very eccentric and acrobatic in his stops. Additionally, he designed his own kits that tended to be very colorful and eye-catching.

Despite all this, Campos is on this list because of his scoring ability, which was also particular since the Mexican sometimes played as a striker and that's why he managed to score so many goals in his career. As a professional he worked both in Mexico and in the United States, with UNAM being where he stood out the most as a scorer.

5. Dimitar Ivankov (42 goals)

The Bulgarian Dimitar Ivankov began his career with Levski Sofia, a team of which he was a fan since he was a child and with which he managed to win 8 trophies. He would then go to Kayserispor in Turkey where in the 2008 Turkish Cup final he saved three penalties in the shootout and also scored two, one during the match and the other in the penalty shootout, to give his team the trophy. Ivankov scored all of his goals from the penalty spot, scoring all of his kicks.

4. René Higuita (43 goals)

The famous Colombian goalkeeper had an extensive and at times controversial career, which led him to play in Spain, Mexico, Ecuador and Venezuela in addition to his native Colombia. Higuita always proved to be a different goalkeeper who took risks by making atypical plays for his position with the ball at his feet, not to mention the famous scorpion at Wembley. The Colombian also stood out for being a good penalty and free kick kicker which allowed him to score many goals including a couple with the Colombia national team.

3. Johnny Vegas (45 goals)

With a very long professional career of 22 years, played entirely in his country, Peru, Vegas was a goalkeeper with outstanding reflexes. Despite having played for more than 10 clubs throughout his career, the Peruvian had his best scoring period at the beginning of his career with Sport Boys, back in the late 90s and early new millennium. . As a curiosity, in Sport Boys vs Alianza Atlético del Clausura 1998, Vegas even played the game as a striker, in what was a 1-0 victory for his team.

2. José Luis Chilavert (67 goals)

Chilavert from Paraguay was a very good goalkeeper with a strong personality that characterized him throughout his career that had him defending teams in Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, France and of course Paraguay. Chilavert trained a lot of his ability to kick free throws to the point of becoming a specialist. In this way, the Paraguayan achieved several important world records.

In 2004, when he retired, he was the highest scoring goalkeeper in history although he would later be surpassed by Rogerio Ceni, being the goalkeeper who has scored the most goals with a national team. He was the first goalkeeper to score a hat-trick in a professional match and to date there are only two others who accompany him within that select group. In his first stage in Velez (1991-2000), he had his highest scoring stage, scoring the aforementioned hat-trick in a match against Ferro Carril Oeste (all three goals were from penalties) and a free kick goal that he scored from his own side of the pitch against River Plate.

1. Rogério Ceni (129 goals)

The Brazilian is the current holder of the Guinness record for the highest scoring goalkeeper in history, a record that does not seem likely to be lost in the near future. Except for a short stint at Sinop FC, Ceni spent his entire professional career at Sao Paulo, being the club's goalkeeper for almost two decades. There he managed to win all the trophies he competed for, even becoming world champion in 2005, by beating Liverpool in the final of the FIFA Club World Cup.

Ceni's goals came from both free kicks and penalties with enormous effectiveness, something that is reflected in the fact that in the 2005 season he scored 10 goals in the Brazilian league and 21 goals in total in all competitions, being the Sao Paulo's top scorer that season, above players like Amoroso, Diego Tardelli or Grafite. It goes without saying that he is the goalkeeper who has scored the most goals in a single season.
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