Why Do Online Casinos Offer the Most Profitable Betting Odds for Football Scorers?

Now, more than ever, online casinos are becoming more popular among football scorers. Credit goes to the operators who have stepped up their game when extending services to these athletes through special offers and VIP treatment. Of late, it has also been brought to light that online casinos are now offering more favorable odds to soccer scorers. This article reveals four reasons why they are doing that, so read on.


1. To Offer Them the Biggest Wins

Operators know for a fact that soccer players are after big money. After all, they are high-income earners who are only interested in supplementing their finances as they have fun. To meet their needs, operators offer them the most profitable betting odds, usually via the best payout casinos. Let's take a quick detour to understand what this category of gambling sites means.

The term "the best payout casinos" refers to those sites that give everybody the best chance of landing big wins. Luckily for Canadian players and football scorers, these aren't hard to find. Experts have ensured that the best paying casinos in Canada are mentioned here for your convenience after analyzing several online casino aspects. Some of the key things they look at include the Return To Player rating and the games on offer. You can find an extended list of online casinos with RTP percentages ranging from 95% to 97%. This way, the house edge gets reduced to a nearly insignificant 3-5%.

As for games, you can venture into a category of your choice, provided you follow some guidelines. If you are into slots, for example, choose high-quality titles from top providers or those with progressive jackpots. There's also a high-paying releases list for your reference.

Now that you know what payout casinos are and where to find them, let's proceed with the second reason why gambling websites offer the most profitable betting odds for footballers.

2. Lower Operation Costs

Compared to brick-and-mortar establishments, online casinos have lower overheads. That's because they spend way less on rent, utilities, and staffing, to mention a few. That, in turn, allows them to offer better odds and returns to soccer scorers without risking losses. It is the same reason you are more likely to land a big win with online gambling software than with brick-and-mortar cabinets.

3. It's a Way of Giving Back

Football scorers wager money in the thousands and millions on the online casinos they select. They see it as the perfect pastime after a busy day on the field and won't mind spending cash to play their favorite games. To give back, the operators usually present the footballers with perks, such as enrolling in their VIP programs. These benefits mean they get better chances of becoming a winner compared to regular customers.

Cristiano Ronaldo taking a rest

4. Marketing Purposes

Football scorers have so many fans. 38-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo, for example, has 700 million followers and counting. That is more than anyone in the universe, and the number doesn't even include his offline fans. Well aware of this, operators offer the most favorable betting odds to soccer players hoping they can put in a good word for them. But don't get this wrong. There's no way a casino can alter the outcome of games. However, a nudge in the right direction through a bankroll-boosting bonus, for instance, can come in handy. Big operators will also approach famous footballers to propose marketing deals.


As you can see, there are several reasons why online casinos offer the most profitable betting odds for football scorers. And rightly so because it brings them a wide range of benefits, including exposure. Regular players can get better odds by following some tried-and-tested guidelines, such as only playing in high-payout casinos. They must, however, only risk what they can afford to lose and approach playing as a fun pastime and not a way of making money.
Tarique Buttz is a retired Kosovar Albanian who writes about football and betting for fun. He has followed football as a supporter since the 80s. Favorite team number one is Barcelona, but also feels a little extra for Newcastle.