The hottest goal scorers in the last rounds of the World Cup qualifiers

As we all know, the last rounds of the World Cup qualifier were played from Thursday last week and ended yesterday. There were many dramatic endings in several different groups where, among others, the last two European Championship champions Portugal and Italy failed to win their groups and directly qualify, and are now instead forced to play the playoffs to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar. Here we focus on the goal scorers who scored the most goals during the last six days' European internationals.

Harry Kane, Tottenham and England
The hottest of them all was clearly England's Harry Kane. Kane started by scoring a hat-trick in Friday's 5-0 win against Albania and then followed up that achievement by scoring four goals in the crushing 10-0 win against San Marino. Seven goals in two matches is undeniably impressive, even if the opposition was not of the highest class. 28-year-old Kane has now scored 48 national team goals and took a big step towards becoming England's top scorer in the national team of all time, just five goals behind Wayne Rooney at the moment.

The Frenchman Kylian Mbappe was also steaming hot. He started by scoring four goals in the 8-0 victory against Kazakhstan on Saturday and spiced it up by scoring yet another goal in the 2-0 win against Finland yesterday. Karim Benzema scored two goals in the match against Kazakhstan and also the second of the goals against Finland.

Memphis Depay
Holland's Memphis Depay scored two goals in their 2-2 match against Montenegro on Saturday, and also put one of the balls into the net against Norway in yesterday's 2-0 win.

Germany's Ilkay Gündogan scored one of the many goalds in the 9-0 win against Liechtenstein on Thursday (Thomas Müller and Leroy Sané scored two goals each in the same match), and followed it up with two goals in the 4-1 win against Armenia on Sunday.

Northern Macedonia's midfielder Enis Bardhi, playing for Spanish club Levante on a daily basis, is a totally unknown name for many football fans but deserves a mention here since he scored a hat trick in Northern Macedonia's 5-0 win against Armenia on Thursday.

The Slovak Ondrej Duda is also not one of the biggest name in the football world, but he also managed to make a hat trick, this in Slovakia's 6-0 victory on Sunday against Malta.

We end the list with two players who did not manage to score three goals or more but still deserve a mention. Number one is the whole world's hottest goal scorer right now, Robert Lewandowski. He set a goal record in the Bundesliga last season and is the leader in the tops scorer lists in both Bundesliga and Champions League this season, and during this national team gathering he scored two goals in Friday's 4-1 win against Andorra for his Poland.

And finally we must of course mention the Serb Aleksandar Mitrovic. Mitrovic holds the lead in the top scorer table in the EFL Championship for his Fulham in superior style, but in Serbia's crucial away game against Portugal, he started on the bench. However, after half time he entered the pitch and in the 90th minute he scored the 2-1 goal for Serbia, a goal that meant that Serbia directly qualified for the World Cup by winning the group. Portugal is now instead forced to play a nerve-wracking playoff to get the chance to go to Qatar next year.
Kano Kluckfors speaks Thai but now lives in Stockholm, Sweden. Kano knows most things about the sport of football and likes to write about it. The number one team is Arsenal, a passion founded during the years he lived in London.