EA's Supremacy in Sports Games

EA is a name known to every gamer out there. The American video game company has stayed in the top charts for a long time now. Electronic Arts has blessed us with countless masterpieces like the Battlefield Series, Need for Speed franchise and many others.

However the company has a specialization in sports games and it has been ruling the genre for over 2 decades now and we still seem to find no challenger. It's crazy how EA has such deep roots in the sports genre. Whether it's football or basketball, that we want to play as a game, the first name that pops in all of our heads is EA. I mean, who hasn't heard the infamous "EA Sports, it's in the game"? So why the monopoly in the sports genre in the gaming industry?

There's No Competition

Franchises like Battlefield have now formed a good reputation of their own, but the games on world's major sports like rugby, football and basketball are just so popular that they leave no room for competition. The only competitor that gives EA a tough time every once in a while, in its football games is PES. Developed and published by Konami, PES has been the only true competition for EAs biggest franchise, FIFA that was first released in 1993.

EA has Perfected the art of Sports Games

Personally, I have also loved EAs sports games series for as long as I can remember, FIFA most of all. No matter the year, FIFA has been by far the most accurate game ever made on football, from graphics to physics and to the accuracy of different playing styles of different players. I have played FIFA with my siblings for a long time and I have no second thoughts when I say it has been the most fun game based on a real life sport that I have ever played. Recently EA has introduced a ton of new content to the game, it's not just about playing the game as "player" but you can be a manager, signing players with FIFA coins, training them, taking part in tournaments and so much more!

EAs sports games have been heavily criticized and equally loved and I personally feel too positive about the games. The feel, the intensity of real life sports that EA puts into its games is truly incredible and unmatched! No wonder why they are loved by the majority of gamers around the world.