Top 10 Most Watched Football Leagues on the Planet

It's argued that football is the most watched sport on the globe. The sport invites ginormous crowds inside stadiums, not to forget live broadcasting and streaming, which allows many millions to view the spectacle. Football is hugely popular, as over 200 countries play it as their major sport.

If you're a football lover, then chances are you follow a certain league or several. Here we will outline some of the biggest football league competitions in the world. Who knows? You may just be interested in following a new one!

English Premier League

As the undisputed leader in football viewership across the world, the English Premier League certainly ranks on top. Known as the toughest league competition of all, the EPL surpasses all others in a financial sense. Some notable teams that play in this league include Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, and Liverpool. All of the top teams bring in millions upon millions of viewers each year. The league enjoys millions of fans taking to the stadiums and many, many more viewers at home. If you like betting on football games, you'll want to find the best betting & casino websites. Look no further than OnlineCasinos who have reviewed the best betting & casino sites for you.

Spanish La Liga

Ranking 2nd in the most watched football league in the world is the Spanish La Liga. This league houses world-famous clubs like FC Barcelona and Real Madrid who have definitely dominated the scene. The Los Blancos are the most successful squad in the league's history, winning the trophy an impressive 34 times. Stylised as LaLiga, this is the men's top professional football division in the country. Many thousands flock to the stadiums to catch these teams in action, with millions more watching from home on their TV and streaming platforms.

Ligue 1

French Ligue 1

The French Ligue 1 is another football league that is watched by millions all over the country and the world. Before the league was taken over by rich owners, Ligue 1 was a very unpredictable competition. As it stands, Saint Etienne retains the title of being the most successful club of them all, with a record 10 league titles under their belt. This is closely followed by Olympique de Marseille and PSG, who have won 9 apiece. The average stadium attendance for Ligue 1 stands at just over 22,000, with over 10 million people viewing a game at home across the globe.

Liga MX Apertura

Liga MX Apertura is the name of Mexico's first division. In fact, it's known as the strongest football league in North America. What makes it unique is Liga MX Apertura bears a close resemblance to Brazil and Spain in regard to gameplay style. Club America ranks on top in this league. To date, they have won the title 13 times. TV viewership of this competition has seen a significant rise in recent years, with over 3.5 million households tuning in to watch each match.

Italian Serie A

The Italian league system's first division, Italian Serie A houses iconic squads like Inter Milan, AC Milan, and Juventus. This league enjoys millions of viewers and thousands of spectators heading to the many stadiums dotted across Italy. Known as Serie A TIM for sponsorship purposes, Serie A is a professional football league competition situated at the top of the Italian football league system. The winner of each season is given the Scudetto and the Coppa Campioni d'Italia.

Major League Soccer

In the United States, their premier league competition is known as Major League Soccer. This division is home to 27 teams and is divided into Eastern and Western conferences due to the sheer size of the land. The reigning champions of Major League Soccer are Columbus Crew. However, Los Angeles Galaxy have won the trophy the most (5 times). In recent times, over 2 million people tune in to watch a game, which makes the league one of the most watched in the world.

Bundesliga - logo on arm

German Bundesliga

The German Bundesliga is one of the most-watched football leagues of all thanks to its attacking gameplay. As it stands, Bayern Munich have won the competition over 30 times, while enjoying a 9-year winning streak along the way. Each game reaches over 1.5 million households. Some of the most popular clubs who play in this league include RB Leipzig, VfB Stuttgart, Hertha, and Werder.

Brasileiro Serie A

Brazil's first division is the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A. This league is incredibly popular across Europe. The reason for it is simple. The league constantly produces fantastic young players. Figures like Vinicius Jr and Neymar have come to Europe from this league. Palmeiras are known as the most successful team. This is because they've won an astonishing 9 trophies. Over 1 million people across the globe tune in to watch the games.

Dutch Eredivisie

The Netherlands' premier league is known as the Eredivisie. It's popular both for its football philosophy as well as for producing remarkable young players. The Dutch Eredivisie enjoys large audiences from across the country. In fact, over 1 million fans tune in to watch games. The Eredivisie is the top level of professional football in the Netherlands. Founded in 1956, the league is considered one of the best in Europe and is widely known as one of the better leagues on the entire planet.

Chinese Super League

The Chinese Super League become a part of the worldwide discussion after competing clubs began offering amazing contracts to bring in big stars from Europe. With an average stadium attendance of over 24,000, this is known as the highest in the whole of Asia! The Chinese Super League is made up of 16 teams, with Jiangsu Suning being the current reigning champions.

It's safe to say that all the football league competitions above draw huge crowds in the stadiums, and across TV and streaming platforms. Whether you're a firm follower of the English Premier League or like to expand your horizons and check out international teams, there is a football league for all fans to watch and enjoy.
As a Finn and living in Vaasa, Ansku Suomi is somewhat of an unusual Finn who likes football more than ice hockey. She also likes to write articles about football and other topics around football. Arsenal and Juventus are her favorite teams that she has been following throughout her life.