Three matches remain of the European Championship 2021 - who will be the top scorer?

Now there are only three matches left of the European Championship 2021 (2020), two semifinals and of course the final. Here is a summary of the top of the top scorer list right now.

The leaders and the top

Cristiano Ronaldo is still in the top with five goals scored after his goals in the group stage. After the quarter-finals, however, he shares the top scorer lead with the Czech Patrik Schick. Schick scored what would be the consolation goal in the Czech Republic's 1-2 loss to Denmark and thus went up alongside Ronaldo. There was probably no one who thought that Schick could win the top scorer title in the European Championships before it started, but he has really made a name for himself in this tournament.

We also have three players with four goals scored but none of these remains in the tournament, so no threat to the leaders there.

Who are still in and who can catch up with the top?

The teams that have reached the semi-finals are Italy who will play Spain, and Denmark who takes on England at Wembley.

The ones who impressed the most in the quarter finals were primarily Italy, which with an impressive effort kicked out one of the big favorites before the tournament started, Belgium. The final score were "only" 2-1 but the performance by Italy was high class. The other team that impressed were England who crushed Ukraine with 4-0. Ukraine did not have much to oppose, perhaps exhausted after a tough round of 16 against Sweden, and they were a grateful team for England to meet at this point. Offensively, this was England's by far best game in the European Championships, but the opposition was weak and it is especially in the defensive England have impressed the most. They have not actually conceded a single goal during the entire European Championships.

Harry Kane really had a splendid evening against Ukraine and scored two goals, and thus went up on three goals scored, the same as teammate Sterling. Denmark also has a three-goal scorer in Kasper Dolberg who scored goals in both the round of 16 and the quarterfinal. Italy and Spain have no players who have scored more than two goals each.

So who's the favorite to become the top scorer now?

The question is whether there is anyone who can catch up with Ronaldo and Schick in the top. The biggest threat to the top duo is definitely England's Harry Kane. Kane was just a brilliant goalkeeper save from scoring a hat trick and he is steaming hot right now. Denmark is not as an easy opponent as Ukraine though, so it is hard to see that England will be able to repeat the goal party as in the quarter-final. Of course, Sterling also has the chance, but does not feel as hot as Kane, nor is he an equally stable goal scorer as Kane.

England's coming two home matches now (if you make it to the final of course) are in front of 60,000 planned spectators at Wembley so they will have a great support and great advantage considering hardly any fans from neither Denmark nor any opposition in the final may travel to England due to their Corona rules.

Denmark's Dolberg is not even sure that he will start the game due to the strong competition with Yussuf Poulsen, so we doubt that he will score two goals or more in this tournament.

It also feels doubtful that any of Italy or Spain's strikers will score three goals or more in the final two matches. Both Spain's Álvaro Morata and Italy's Ciro Immobile have proved their ability to not score despite massive amount of chances for them, but who knows, maybe it will really loosen up for either of them in the end and they start scoring like never before.

Our original tip with Ronaldo as the top scorer still feels highly probable, but he will find himself sharing the win with at least one other player...