Top scorers Häcken, Sweden

Top scorers from Häcken and players with high positions in scoring tables. Here you find the most succesful scorers in Häcken in leagues and tournaments through the years.

Golden Boot winners from Häcken

League, Season Player Age Goals
Allsvenskan 2018
Paulinho 32 20
Allsvenskan 2016
John Owoeri 29 17
Allsvenskan 2012
Waris Majeed 21 23
Allsvenskan 2011
Mathias Ranégie 27 18
Superettan 2008
Jonas Henriksson - 19

All Häcken players in top scorer lists

Season 2022

Player, League Age Position Goals Winner/leader
Alexander Jeremejeff
28 1 11  
31 11 4  

* Current ongoing season

Note that this is top scorer data we have in our database. There may be other leagues and tournaments Häcken has players in which we do not present here.

Hat tricks by players from Häcken

In total we have 11 hat tricks scored by players from the club Häcken between the dates 8 October 2007 and 6 May 2018.

Player Date Match Goals
Paulinho 6 may 2018
Allsvenskan 2018
Trelleborg - Häcken
8', 31', 90'

Häcken information

the Wasps
Per-Mathias Høgmo
Arena name
Bravida Arena
Arena capacity
Current league
2 August 1940
Website Häcken
Source: Wikipedia

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The candidates to be the top scorer in the Allsvenskan 2022
(2 April 2022)

Other players from Häcken

21 players in our database have played for Häcken and have been part of a top scorer list during a season, but have not been among the top scorers at the end of the season.