Top scorers and information Chinese Super League, China

Here you will find all the winning top scorers in Chinese Super League (CSL), China between the seasons 2010-2022. Elkeson have scored most goals ever in Chinese Super League, in total 123 goals.

Chinese Super League is sometimes also called Ping An Chinese Football Association Super League or CSL. The league has not always been called Chinese Super League, old names for the league are Chinese Jia-A League and Jia-A.

For the current season 2023 the leading top scorer right now is Leonardo - see the full top scorer list for the ongoing season here.

Top scorer winners the seasons 2010-2022

Season Player, team Goals
2022 27 goals
2021 14 goals
2020 14 goals
2019 29 goals
2018 27 goals
2017 27 goals
2016 19 goals
2015 22 goals
2014 28 goals
2013 24 goals
2012 23 goals
2011 16 goals
2010 15 goals

Information and facts about Chinese Super League, China

League founded
Number of teams
Current champions
Wuhan Three Towns
Most champion titles
Guangzhou - 8 titles
Most played games
Yang Zhi - -1 games
Most scored goals
Elkeson - 123 goals
Other names of the league
CSL or Ping An Chinese Football Association Super League
Old names of the league
Chinese Jia-A League or Jia-A
Source: Wikipedia

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