Top scorer history Challenger Pro League, Belgium

Here you will find all the history of winning top scorers in Challenger Pro League, Belgium between the seasons 2016/2017-2022/2023.

In previous seasons, Challenger Pro League has also been called 1B Pro League and Belgian First Division B.

For the current season 2023/2024 the leading top scorer right now is Goduine Koyalipou - see the full top scorer list for the ongoing season here.

Top scorer winners the seasons 2016/2017-2022/2023

Season Player, team Goals
2022/2023 20 goals
2021/2022 13 goals
2020/2021 19 goals
2019/2020 16 goals
2018/2019 19 goals
2017/2018 10 goals
2016/2017 21 goals

Information and facts about Challenger Pro League, Belgium

League founded
Number of teams
Current champions
Old names of the league
1B Pro League or Belgian First Division B
Source: Wikipedia

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