Top scorers and information Challenger Pro League, Belgium

Here you will find all the winning top scorers in Challenger Pro League, Belgium between the seasons 2016/2017-2022/2023.

In previous seasons, Challenger Pro League has also been called 1B Pro League and Belgian First Division B.

Top scorer winners the seasons 2016/2017-2022/2023

Season Player, team Goals
2022/2023 20 goals
2021/2022 13 goals
2020/2021 19 goals
2019/2020 16 goals
2018/2019 19 goals
2017/2018 10 goals
2016/2017 21 goals

Information and facts about Challenger Pro League, Belgium

League founded
Number of teams
Current champions
RWD Molenbeek
Old names of the league
1B Pro League or Belgian First Division B
Source: Wikipedia