Top scorers Catania, Italy

Top scorer winners from Catania and players with high positions in top scorer lists. Here you find the most succesful scorers in Catania in Serie A through the recent years.

Catania has in past been named Società Sportiva Catania, Club Calcio Catania and Associazione Calcio Fascista Catania as well.

All Catania players in top scorer lists

Catania top scorers season 2012/2013

Player, League Age Position Goals Winner/leader
Serie A
Edinson Cavani
28 9

Note that this is top scorer data we have in our database. There may be other leagues and tournaments Catania has players in which we do not present here.

Hat tricks by players from Catania

In total we have 3 hat tricks scored by players from the club Catania between the dates 23 December 2006 and 5 May 2013.

Player Date Match Goals
Gonzalo Rubén Bergessio 5 may 2013
Serie A 2012/2013
Catania - Siena
14', 52', 71'
Giuseppe Mascara 16 november 2008
Serie A 2008/2009
Catania - Torino
8', 39', 80'
Gionatha Spinesi 23 december 2006
Serie A 2006/2007
Catania - Sampdoria
6', 45', 88'

Catania information

Full name
CataniaFootball Club s.r.l.
The Red and Blues, The Elephants, The Etneans
Luca Tabbiani
Arena name
Stadio Angelo Massimino
Arena capacity
Current league
Serie C Group C
27 June 1929
Website Catania
Source: Wikipedia

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Other players from Catania

3 players in our database have played for Catania and have been part of a top scorer list during a season, but have not been among the top scorers at the end of the season.