Top scorer history Liga MX, Mexico

Here you will find all the history of winning top scorers in Liga MX (Primera División de México), Mexico between the seasons 2009/2010-Torneo Guardianes 2021. Evanivaldo Castro have scored most goals ever in Liga MX, in total 312 goals.

Liga MX is the official name of the league but sometimes it is also called Liga BBVA MX or Primera División de México. The league has not always been called Liga MX, an old name for the league is Liga Mayor.

Top scorer winners the seasons 2009/2010-Torneo Guardianes 2021

Season Player, team Goals
Torneo Guardianes 2021 14 goals
Torneo Guardianes 2020 13 goals
2019/2020 14 goals
2018/2019 21 goals
2017/2018 20 goals
2016/2017 20 goals
2015/2016 24 goals
2014/2015 21 goals
2013/2014 15 goals
2012/2013 23 goals
2011/2012 25 goals
2010/2011 18 goals
2009/2010 23 goals

Information and facts about Liga MX, Mexico

League founded
Number of teams
Current champions
Most champion titles
América - 14 titles
Most played games
Óscar Pérez - 745 games
Most scored goals
Evanivaldo Castro - 312 goals
Other names of the league
Primera División de México or Liga BBVA MX
Old names of the league
Liga Mayor
Home page
Home page Liga MX
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