Leandro (Leandro Montera da Silva), Brazil - 36 years

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Leandro, Brazil was the top scorer in J1 League, Japan 2016. See other high positions in top scorer lists below.

His full name is Leandro Montera da Silva and his most common position on the football field is striker. He was born in São Paulo, Brazil and today he is 36 years old (birth date 12 February 1985).

League, Team Season Age Position Goals Winner/leader
J1 League
2016 31 1 19 Leandro and Peter Utaka
J1 League
2015 30 17 9 Yoshito Okubo
J1 League
2014 29 10 11 Yoshito Okubo
J1 League
2012 27 3 14 Hisato Sato

Information about Leandro

Complete name
Leandro Montera da Silva
Player position
Date of birth
12 February 1985
Place of birth
São Paulo, Brazil
176 cm
Source: Wikipedia

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